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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

So when I was a kid there was a Faber & Faber book of children's stories on my bookshelf. There was a story inside about a hunter going to kill Lions ( a pretty screwed up story BTW and completely unacceptable to a modern audience ) In the story there was a scene where a Lion lept at the hunter. There was an illustration to accompany it that frankly terrified me out of my wits. This image of a Lion leaping towards the reader was so powerful that I could not open that book for fear of seeing it. Not only that but I developed a prejudice against Faber & Faber books because they all had the same spines at that time.
This Tyger is drawn in homage to that Lion.

Tiger Tiger...

When I heard it was Tyger Tyger...I immediately thought of golf.

Tigra Tigra, Burning Bright

Tim, in his weirdly wonderful way just whipped off his below Manga Tiger masterpiece before anyone had officially named a DrawBridge topic for the day. His mini-strip was so nice that I had to post-nominate "Tyger Tyger burning Bright" as our theme to accommodate Sr. Hamilton.

In a shameless bit of cheesecakery, I went with Marvel Comics character Tigra for my piece (inspired by a post on the excellent Scansdaily  all about her I read yesterday). In my drawing, she initially had her tongue out, but I decided to pull it back in the interests of decency everywhere. Besides, if you're getting off on ladies licking their furry forearms, you should really be frequenting other sites.

Tyger Tyger burning Bright"

That's the theme...