Monday, 29 August 2011

The IT Crowd

I've been a fan of the British TV show The IT Crowd for some time now, though I can't stand The Big Bang Theory which at first glance seems to draw from the same material.  But I think that the main difference is that the IT Crowd uses geek subculture to create the humor whereas in The Big Bang Theory it is just the punchline.  Anyhow, Tim and I have been watching the latest season on Netflix which spawned my warm-up drawing today.


  1. Yes, very funny!
    And a that shot of Moss is great!

  2. This is the funniest show on television either here or in the U.K., and I say that after having seen the entire run to date. Chris Weston gave me the disc of Series 2, insisting I didn't need to see the first series, and he was right (though I did eventually get it just to see what the deal was). It has since become my favorite comedy series of the past decade at least, though I do wish No Heroics had done more than one series. I would have loved to see that show grow and refine itself.

    Oh, and you NAILED Moss.