Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I've been painting ( in photoshop ) all day. So I just did a sort of abstract ...then I got cold feet and added a Blue Jay to it.

One Line World Leader: Angela Merkel

Hi all!  Ellen Lindner here, a member of Drawbridge's neighbor studio, Hypothetical Island.  For my first post I wanted to participate in the current drawing challenge, one line world leader.  

Here's German Chancellor Angela Merkel - lineart is one line!  Though I couldn't resist adding some color.
I'd sign it but that's a few more lines :)

Merkel seems to be the only person keeping the Eurozone afloat - while having conversations with the otherwise unreachable Putin in her flawless Russian - so kudos to her. 

Shake Something Loose?

Simon suggested that as the topic for today. Just so happens I was working on some new techniques with all the pirate reference I have left over from that long ago Treasure Island job. This is not a quick sketch but something I did late last night. This is the famous scene where Israel Hands tries to stab Jim Hawkings, or "shake Jim loose" from the crows nest.