DrawBridge Studio

The DrawBridge Studio ( formerly Deep6 Studio ) is situated in charming Gowanus Brooklyn, underneath the rail-bridge carrying the G & F lines of the New York Subway system and a block from the 9th Street Drawbridge over the Gowanus Canal.
Since its founding in 2007 it has been the workplace (and life-substitute) for numerous Brooklyn based professional cartoonists including , Leland Purvis , Dean Haspiel, Joan Reilly, Tim Hamilton, Robin Ha, Mike Cavallaro, Chris Sinderson & Simon Fraser.  Though many others have passed through it's doors and continue to spend time there. It's more fun working together than working alone.

The DrawBridge Blog is a daily sketchblog where a topic is nominated and each member does a drawing (or not ) as they see fit. The drawings themselves have been submitted to various charity auctions and are available for sale. Contact the respective artist for information. The Blog is also intended as a showcase and a live freeform portfolio. There are contacts for the various artists concerned usually attached to the posts. In the case of guests then ask another member and we can put you in touch.

Please consider commenting if you like a particular image, everyone is working for free and comments are greatly appreciated. Also please consider using the Facebook 'Like' button or the Blogger Follow buttons on the right hand side (  gifts, cash donations and various forms of livestock are also accepted )

Thank you for your interest.