Monday, 31 October 2011

Disney Villain You Never Heard of: Rickey Ratzi

Rickey Ratzi, Mickey's German-sympathizing cousin appeared only once, in 1928's Nuttiness in Nazichusetts.

Madame Nastikoff

In 1954 the Walt Disney Corporation produced a full length animated feature entitled "Beehive Yourself!" which starred a pair of young Italian Bees who rejecting the rigid conformity of hive life ( No More Stripes!) fly to Paris to become Haute Couturiers . They apprentice themselves to Madame Nastikoff the most iconic designer of the moment, who holds all of Paris in her thrall. While quickly seduced by the apparent glamour of the world of fashion, they soon find themselves confronted with exactly the same oppressive conformity that they knew in the hive. Most oppressive of all , their erstwhile inspiration Madame Nastikoff turns out to be an egomaniacle tyrant who steals their ideas and passes them off as her own. The intrepid apiary duo are forced to strike out on their own, forming their own fashion house called 'Capriccio' they take the world by storm with their daring collection of yellow and black striped garments.

"Disney Bad guys you never heard of"

"Mickydekic Jones"

He gave Micky a hard time in the 60's

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Not so Little Nemo

Over at Whitechapel they’re having another
character re-design challenge. This time, “Little Nemo.”

I updated him for 2011.

“Not so Little Nemo.”
I’ll post this on Chapel later today.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

“Twins engaged in a Power Play”

Friend, Natalie Kim’s new web series went live today AND studio mate Reilly Brown’s
Creator owned series (owned with Kurt Christenson) goes on sale digitally today

See Super Twins here

You can see-buy Power Play here.

Here at Drawbridge the sketch theme is “Twins engaged in a Power Play.”
Hey, I tried.

Buddha Superman

I figured Tibet could use a Superman. Thanks to Buddhist teacher and author Ethan Nichtern for suggesting a super Mudra for the serene Kryptonian. Dedicated to Tsering Tobden and his family.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


The Superman of Italy, early 1900's.

Pax Kryptionium

All hail Augustus Kal-El.

The design of the first comics superheroes, with capes and shiny outfits, was taken from the most flamboyant miracle workers of the day. Circus acts. The Strong man and the Human Cannonball got their capes from the powers of the ancients. The first capes were Roman.

1818 pacific northwest

this drawing is kind of a turd but I like Pacific Northwest Indians!

Mtu Mwenye Uwezo Kupita Kiasi

So the rocket carrying the infant Kal El dropped down in East Africa in 1920. The infant was adopted by some wandering pastoralist tribesmen. As the child came of age there was much consternation in the tribe as it was discovered that his skin could not be pierced and the boy could not be circumcised. So he could not become a Moran ( warrior ) of the tribe, despite being faster and stronger than all of his brothers. As his capacity grew he became known as Mtu Mwenye Uwezo Kupita Kiasi ( the man without limits ).

Super man costume

Let's see, Mike Cavallaro had today's interesting idea.
Draw Superman as he would look had he landed in a country and time of your choice.
My Super Man landed in London during the late 1880's where he
was raised by Oscar Wilde. Sound good?

Friday, 7 October 2011

an ideal husband

yes, i had a crush on nimrod in middle school. he's 5 shades of pink and kills stuff dead.

Yes, Nimrod.

Didn't think Simon would bite. I'm down with any remotely geometric character. Pink also a plus.


-The hyper evolved Sentinel from the X-men, not the bible character or the Elgar Adagio...or whatever that means in New Jersey. Designed by John Romita Jnr....OBVIOUSLY.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

a tamaran under the influence

i'm torn: everyone should have the right to be as white trash (or space trash) as they want. on the other hand, this is feeling a lot like looking for mr. goodbar, and we all know how that ends.


In keeping with the spirit of the man I've tried to keep this as minimal as possible

Steve Jobs

I was unexpectedly touched by the passing of Apple guru Steve Jobs, and not just because I'm typing this out on my Macbook Air right now. Like all people, I'm sure Jobs had feet of clay, but he sure managed to live life to the fullest. That's something we can all certainly admire.

In addition to all his work shaping technology as we know it, Jobs founded Pixar, who, for my money, has been the most consistently excellent movie studio since the early days of Disney animation. I always particularly associated Jobs with the masterpiece Wall-E, and its far-off future of highly evolved Apple-derived robots. I drew the titular character himself, whom I have no doubt has, somewhere in his collection of 21st century memorabilia, a black mock turtleneck sweater.

RIP, Steve Jobs.

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Disco Starfire...

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Starfire at the beach here. Not exactly the teeny bopper apple-shape headed heroine that we all know and love, but a little older. She is a DC COmics character created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

Starfire & Friend

So I was very fond of the Marv Wolfman/ George Perez 'New Teen Titans'. The characters are great, as proven by how well they translated into a TV cartoon version. Starfire ( Princess Koriand'r of the planet Tamaran ) was obviously designed to be an an adolescent boy's fever dream. Gorgeous, with a spectacularly slutty costume , while at the same time non-judgemental ( unlike those real girls at school! ) , charmingly naive ( she's not from around here ) and devastatingly deadly! The perfect woman ( if you're a 12 year old boy! ) The combination of those attributes somehow kept it from feeling sleazy, but it was a fine balance. The problem arises ( fnarr!) when you try and turn her into the perfect woman for a 40 year old boy....

BTW I haven't read Red Hood & the Outlaws ( which has been so controversial of late ) so I've got nothing to say about what I think Scott Lobdell's intentions were with writing it.  I think it's a bit unfair to turn him into a human piñata over this issue when he's only got one issue out however. The art on the other hand ( by Kenneth Roccaforte ) is utterly lascivious. Though I like the Tiki panel borders.