Tuesday, 31 May 2011

have space suit, will sit on a shelf

whew, it's been a while since i've posted! i will admit that these drawings were not sketched today. they're actually concept art for a project i couldn't get off the ground so i post them any time there's an excuse to do so.

Suited up. Lilly & Cosmo

The studio Internet is kaput today, so this is slightly harder than normal.
Inked with a brush-marker.

Tuesday: Space suit

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Happy Berfday Nick Bertozzi!

Didn't have a cake, but I found this nice Pecan Sandy cookie to stick a candle in...

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Happy Bertozzi Birthday

Happiest of Birthdays to Nick!  Seeing as how he is such a Tintin fan, I thought I'd draw a little something from the world of Hergé.  It wasn't until looking at some reference that I realized that Nick has been styling his life after Captain Haddock.  From his propensity to have facial hair to the captain's hat he wears at the studio, the visual similarities are eerie.  Fortunately for Hergé, Captain Haddock had a slightly better sense of style!  Hay-ooh!  Happy Birthday!

Bertozzi's Birthday!

It's Nick Bertozzi's birthday! I've decided to celebrate the occasion by drawing a few characters from one of my favorite comics of his, Persimmon Cup. I wanted to capture the technical spirit of the comic by drawing it in pencil and coloring it digitally... a completely new process for me!

I hope you like it, Nick. Feliz Cumpleanos!

Happy Birthday Nick Bertozzi

I'm not saying that Nick Bertozzi is tall , but when he wakes up in the morning a little warning light goes on at JFK Air Traffic Control.
For someone who is so instantly recognisable, it was surprisingly difficult to get a likeness of Senor Bertozzi. His swarthy, chiseled, good looks tend to get a bit Caligari unless one is very careful.
Anyway, happy birthday to the nicest man in comics.

Bertozzi Birthday!

Happy Bert-day Nick!

My half assed attempt at some "Persimmon Cup" characters.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dylan- In with minutes to spare!

As most people who have ever talked to me know, Bob Dylan is one of my all time heroes (for many reasons but mostly for his ability to communicate more eloquently and spot-on about the way it feels to be alive than anyone else ever). My crappy schedule as a recent online student prevented me from making anything new today, but here he is , nonetheless, in all of his pink and yellow glory. This is a detail of an influences piece I made a while back, but still haven't gotten round to doing anything with yet. Just ignore Turbo, Tina Tech and Vonnegut's asshole, cuz' it's all about Bob. Happy Birthday.

Bob Dylan's Birthday!

I didn't do a straight on image of Bob.
For some reason I was in the mood to do this.
Happy Birthday Mr. Zimmerman!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Paul Hoppe - Sexy Cartoons

Friend of the studio and Illustrator/Comics Artist of note Mr Paul Hoppe has contributed the following drawings on our topic today.
 "Couldn't pass today's topic off! One is just a piece for fun (the greenish one with marker and pens), the other is a character from my cosmicbeholder.blogspot.com comic project, form my Journey Into Misery comics. It's the Invincible Woman, who can, amongst other things, burst into flames. In my world, however, there are no instable molecules, for those who know what that means… First time I ever did a color study of her!"

sexy cartoon lady

Tried doing a Gil Elvgren type thing in under 15 minutes. I think the longest part was scanning it.

Also, not really sure what the exact topic is, here. My fellow 'bridgers are all over the place with their respective tags.

Sexy Cartoon - subject chosen by Tim Hamilton

See it's possible to be high concept AND lowbrow at the same time.

More copic markers and some photoshop

Sexy cartoon Monday

We're classy!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Rita Hayworth & the DrawBridge Redemption

I refuse to justify my actions!

Copic Markers with a photoshop touch-up at the end....because I am weak.


In the year 2568 on the planet
Abraxixon 67 every one gets their
banonte staffs out on the night known
as "Hnueta Night" and asks the might
God known as Muey Bu for Redemption
before they die of interfaceitis.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Caught Up in the Rapture

The Rapture!

You all remember the Rapture of 92 right? Awesome time.

Well this weekend it's happening again! Woohoo!
Thus today's theme and my take on the classic t-shirt slogan:

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Orion Slave Girl vs Giant Squid

Today we are honouring not one but TWO fabulous creatures! The Architeuthis species or Giant Squid and also the actor Yvonne Craig, who has had a long and varied career in TV and movies but is most known for portraying Batgirl in the 60's Batman TV show but also ( and this came as a surprise to me ) the dancing Orion Slave Girl in the Star Trek episode 'Whome Gods Destroy'. )This episode was profoundly mind altering to my proto-geek, pre-pubescent consciousness.)
The squid hasn't a chance!

Yvonne Craig vs. Squid

Nobody could decide whether we were doing yvonne craig or squid today.
Thus I did Bat Girl encountering the nefarious "Squid gang!"

This is a quick color sketch mostly done on the computer.
It's not "Done" to my satisfaction, but I can't work on it all day...

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Happy birthday, mans

Happy Birthday Fiffe

For the man who enjoys a mustached man in tighty-whities (and got me watching Breaking Bad)...

Happy Berfday Fiffe!

It's Drawbridge contributator Michel Fiffe's berfday today, so I drew a picture of Sr. Fiffe's signature character Boston Zegas (currently appearing in his eponymous series on MTV Geek). Fiffe is one hell of a cartoonist, with flavors of the best of Gilbert Hernandez.  I suspect Boston is the author's stand-in in the Zegas tales, but whereas Boston is a hulking, ponderous character, Michel is an almost dainty man, all skipping about to and fro(snap!). I drew Boston melting because to create a Fiffe-inspired drawing without including something melting is like a Day without Doris.

Happy Birthday Fiffe - Oldschool

In honour of the great man's birthday I did this drawing with pens and crayons and more pens. Only the scanning was digital. Have a good one Feef!

Fiffe's Birthday!

We at Drawbridge tried our best to fool Fiffe with the squid theme today but he
didn't "bite." I wanted to see a fiffe squid.

Anyway, soon there will be a Savage Dragon on the stands edited by Fiffe and
drawn by many of us here at D.B. but for his birthday I drew the spiritual
connection Fiffe and I have! All things Strange and Ditko.



Some Squid embryos are orbiting the Earth right now on Space shuttle Endeavour.
Thus today’s sketch.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Friday, 13 May 2011

Lil' Wayne

Lil Wayne

Late today due to Blogger being down. But here's the Wayne!

Lil Wayne

Here's my Lil Wayne. I didn't contribute all that much to the 'Bridge this week, but coincidentally, this drawing also qualifies as a sketch for this week's topics "sunglasses" and "dentist".


If I were to draw a Lil Wayne comic, this is how he should be depicted. I'm surprised Lil Wayne doesn't have his own comic yet, actually. What are you waiting for, Bluewater? Hell, even weekly anecdotal online strips would be great.

(That reminds me: Leigh Walton drew the correlation between Weezy and Webcomics well over a year ago.)

Anyway, here's a song I can't get enough of. It's a remix of sorts, but fuggit... I can't stop listening to it.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

"On you go Wullie, you can do it!"

I'd like to take the opportunity to salute a race of men. The widely known and feared 'Scottish Bampot', the guy that you can talk into doing ANYTHING! Go fer it bigman, yer a STAR!

Today: "swordsman"

Pirate boy and dinosaur.
For no particular reason...

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dentist - Tarbosaurus

I was reading about Tarbosaurs this morning and how apparently juveniles were small sleek predators while their parents were huge intimidating mega-carnivores. So they probably didn't come into conflict much because they operated in separate distinct ecological niches. I doubt very much that they brushed their teeth, so their breath ( juvenile and adult ) must have stank beyond belief of rotting carrion.
Dentist beware!

Copic markers again, on a loose pencil layout.

Dentist- Jormungand, the World Serpent

Today's topic was 'Dentist'.

I just got the Walt Simonson The Mighty Thor omnibus yesterday and I spent a couple of hours with it propped up on my chest, denting my diaphragm (seriously, the thing weighs, like 15 pounds). With today's topic being 'dentist'  I decided to recreate the scene from the awesome Thor #380 where Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, has just swallowed Thor (see his cape sticking out?). Now why would such a beautifully toothy grin need a dentist? The next page, when Thor smashes his way out from behind those teeth. So sad. So metal.

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Monday, 9 May 2011


Just a guy I drew on the subway this morning...