Friday, 30 September 2011

Gowanus Pete by Reilly Brown

PowerPlay - IceQueen

This is IceQueen from Reilly Brown & Kurt Christianson - Available from Comixology

Power Play

Today the Drawbridge theme is "Power Play."
Reilly Brown Kurt Christenson's digital comic recently
released through Comixology.

I did the character called, Gowanus Pete:

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Naked DOOM

This is Victor VonDoom's Facebook photo. Under relationship status is "It's Complicated"


Simon suggested Naked Doom partially to celebrate Becky's "Teen Doom" but
I'm not sure what a Naked Doom is.

So I drew something odd for a change.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Viking Lady

Ha! I know what you're thinking, Fraser won't be able to resist drawing some buxom ,chain-mail bikini wearing, trollop! Well I would be lying if I said that hadn't occurred to me. However after Google Image Searching 'Viking Women' the results were so dispiriting, I decided to get authentic on this one.

Viking Woman

(of the Cloonan Empire)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Birdie the Cat

Been awhile since I've posted here! Not to say there hasn't been some great topics, and I've even drawn a private picture or two for a few of them, that I never got around to posting. I've just been super busy, and have lapsed into some bad habits, sketch-sharing-wise.

In a blatant and shameless bit of topic baiting, Tim Hamilton sent the word around this morning that today's topic was "Birdie the Cat". Blatant and shameless because Birdie is my cat.

My girlfriend and I adopted "Stray # 3" from the Seventh Ave Cat Clinic about two and a half years ago. We named her Birdie because of the trilling noises she makes, and because we thought it might be funny to name her after something she might like to eat. Like "Carrots" the rabbit, or "Birdseed" the parakeet, or "Steaming Load of its Own Feces" the dog. Birdie the Cat.

She's a funny little tabby, this Birdie, and I captured a few little doodles of her this morning as she stared out the window, wondering after her namesake, no doubt.

I wonder if she'd be flattered by all this attention. As a rule, the Bird doesn't seem to like anyone but my girlfriend and me, but I think she's been nice to Tim Hamilton on occasion when he's looked in on her when we're both out of town. Enough to make an impression, at least.

Birdie the Cat, with Mouse

Monday, 26 September 2011

Golden Statue

I'm in Hollywood so there was only one option here.
Drawn then manipulated in my phone...which is very hard

Golden Idol

Thursday, 22 September 2011



P.J. Holden & Gordon Rennie, friends of my studio mate Simon Fraser, are making a comic called 'The Department of Monsterology" . It has a Facebook Page and the call has gone out to get as many drawings of different monsters as possible for the institute to study ( or something ).

Thus, a monster

pink polo wolvie

perhaps the highlight of tonight's Dare 2 Draw, wherein Riley Brown and George O'Connor gave aspiring arteeeests insight into the fine arts of characterization and improvisation, was Riley's declaration that Wolverine would never, ever wear a pink polo. and faster than you could say cerise, the entire drawbridge constituency began doodling to prove him very very wrong.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Department of Monsterology

My friends P.J. Holden & Gordon Rennie are making a comic called 'The Department of Monsterology" . It has a Facebook Page and the call has gone out to get as many drawings of different monsters as possible for the institute to study ( or something ).
I'm calling this a Hookanekker, it's a nocturnal , burrowing, ambush predator. About the size of a pig. It is an enthusiastic predator so it tends to catch more than it can fit in it's stomach. It then stores any extra meat it's neck pouch for consumption later. This can be several days , so the smell of the Hookanekker is quite overpowering.

Maurice Sendak

Bumble-ardy, is the new book out from author and illustrator Maurice Sendak.
Thus, the Drawbridge theme today is, "Maurice Sendak."

I don’t have a copy of “Where the Wild Things Are,” so this
is off the top of my head from memories of said book:

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Undefeated - Spurt Hammond

For the Whitechapel re-imagining Spurt Hammond

Spurt Hammond

Over at Whitechapel, they are doing another character re-design.
This one is from the 40′s and is called …ahem, SPURT HAMMOND.

Here is mine.
Myself and others are doing them at Drawbridge and of course you can see more at the
Whitechapel Thread

Monday, 19 September 2011

Impractical Space Suit #1

To continue with Tim/Simon's theme, here is a very impractical space suit.  It's from the Italian Space Agency 1964 Spring Collection.

The Italian Space Agency Spring Collection 2011

In keeping with Tim's obsession with women wearing impractical SpaceSuits. I present the Italian Space Agency Spring Collection 2011.

Guess what!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wonder woman day. Yet again

Wonder Woman Day is a charity event celebrated in Fleming,
New Jersey and Portland, Oregon where money is raised to help
bring awareness to domestic violence and give support to
domestic violence shelters that provide critical help to those in need.

I did one piece already, but did this one too. Just because.
Click on the link above for details about bidding and
or buying my art. Or some other artists art for that

...where's my invisible plane?

willow smith is wonderful. for the auction!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wonder Woman

We're doing Big Barta for Wonder the Wonder woman auction.
But I did WW. Perhaps I'll do a Barta tomorrow.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Big Barda

Here’s my Big Barda drawing. I always liked this character (hello, Si!)… I was tempted to draw her in her armor, but I also like that she’s often shown in her New Gods civvies. So here she is. Don’t mess with Barda.

I also posted up the pencils up at my own blog to help advertise the Women of Wonder charity event with a redirect here to see the finished version.

This version is done in colored pencils,12” x 9” (305mm x 228mm) but I might work this one up into line and digital color at some point.

Locas and Big Barda by Blue

Hey all, I had a weird commission I rolled this into. Two birds! One stone! Bang bang!

And here's some work from Blue Delliquanti, who assisted me with Health Care Reform

Monday, 12 September 2011


Jaime Hernandez is one of my favorite cartoonists, period. Here's Maggie having a bad day...

Maggie & Hopey

Several of us DrawBridge folks had the chance to meet and hang out with Jaime Hernandez the other night, while he did a signing at The World's Finest Comic Store so in honour of the great man and his iconic characters, the topic for this week is 'Maggie & Hopey'
I inked this with my Zebra brush marker and the Sakura Permapaque.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Big Barda Relaxin'

Big Barda Free

So this is the full sized and inked version of the initial sketch I put up here earlier in the week. I inked it with marker pens ( A Zebra Brush Pen & Sakura Permapaque marker for the blacks ) but I replaced the ink in both pens with Holbein alcohol based drawing ink. So the blacks are good and dark. Thanks to Leland Purvis for this tip.
This drawing will be auctioned off for charity during the Women of Wonder Day charity event on the 30th of October.


WW warm up

A sketch of a possible illustration for a charity event.

Thursday, 8 September 2011


We doing Big Barta this week.
So I guess this is a warm up to doing a Big Barta tomorrow!

Yes..Yes it is.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Barda in the works...

So for this week we chose Big Barda as a the subject for our DrawBridge drawing. The final artwork will be sent to the Women of Wonder Day charity event. This is NOT that drawing, it's only a thumbnail sketch from my pocket sketchbook. I'll base the final drawing on this though. Watch this space...