Tuesday, 30 November 2010

so long, irvin

i figured no one else would give a shout out to robocop 2. it's no empire strikes back, but i'll never forget that brain in a jar for as long as i live.

R.I.P., Irvin Kershner

As you've probably heard, the man who directed what is far and away the best Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back, has passed away. I decided to memorialize this occasion with a  quickie sketch of some of the characters first introduced in Empire pouring out a libation for their fallen comrade. Rest in Peace, Irvin.

Irvin Kershner

As you all no doubt know, "Empire Strikes BAck" director
Irvin Kershner Passed away. I know he directed many other
films besides "Empire," but that movie stands out for
people of a certain age for so many reasons.

I realized as I drew this that I've
NEVER drawn a Star Wars character.
Darth is hard to master!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Yagyu Retsudo Shower!

So honored to have a drawbridge day to myself! This is one of my favorite scenes in Lone Wolf and Cub, Retsudo having a REAL bucket shower

Showering Nathan with buckets of love

With a heavy heart we bid a fond farewell to the Loquacious Master Jester of the Drawbridge Studios, Mr. Nathan "I shower in a bucket" Schreiber. Though he'll still be contributing to this blog, he'll no longer be a physical presence down under the bridge in Gowanus like the rest of us common trolls. Good luck in Santa Fe, Nathan, we'll miss you.

Shower - Nathan Schreiber

In honour of Nathan's departure, and that fact that he will have access to both hot and cold running water directable from above and with a working drain. We take these things for granted, but Nathan does not.
Have a good long one Nathan.


Nathan Schreiber is leaving NYC for sunnier skies and thus the theme is...
"Shower." Why? Well that's a long story, but here's my sketch done as
if I were Tom Wilson...


I'm really sad to learn if Nathan's departure.

Friday, 26 November 2010


We don't eat turkey for Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law makes hot pot, or shabu shabu, and it is awesome. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

Black Friday

As most celebrate the joy of trampling each other for great deals on
holiday gifts, let us bow our heads and remember those who made yesterday the
joyous day it was.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

IT's a holiday!

I doubt many will have time to post today as
many are traveling or eating.

Thus, post whatever you want!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Luna Lovegood with a root beer float

Like Bill, my favorite Harry Potter character isn't one of the main protagonists, it's the weirdo Luna Lovegood. Always wanted her and Harry to hook up, but hey, what can ya do.

Float- Harry Potter

Harry Potter week "kind of" continues with the theme of "Float."

This quick sketch depicts the tragic Thanksgiving Parade a few years back when
the Thanksgiving day Harry Potter float broke away from his
"Flying broom stick float" and had an unfortunate Collision with
the Pinocchio float(which had also broken loose). I know I remember where I was that horrible day.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

That Wizard Cat Crookshanks

As anyone close to me is quite aware, my very favorite character from the Harry Potter series is Hermione's mouse-hating magical feline pet Crookshanks. When each Harry Potter volume was published, I would rush out to Walmart, buy my copy and read the entire volume in the car. Sometimes I would sit in that car for days! Of course, first I would scan the pages for any mention of Crookshanks and then read the sections where he would viciously hunt and kill a mouse, only to bring it back to life and kill it again (and again, and again and again.) Those pages were full of so much mouse blood and mouse entrails! Chapter after chapter of one mouse being killed, eaten, excreted and gloriously rejuvenated. And then cruelly tortured for what seemed like an eternity! Oh the magic of those Harry Potter books! Oh the childlike wonder of it all!

The Wizard day: Dumbledore

I've originally suggested today's theme to be "Dumbledore's past" for this week's harry potter marathon, but it got snuffed by HP haters/ people who doesn't know much about HP or dumbledore. But I'm sticking with Dumbledore since he IS my favorite wizard. J.K. Rowling won't probably write a prequel to HP but I would love to know more details about Dumbledore's past. I was going to draw a close up of Dumbledore as a hot young man with his "friend" Grindelwald, but that seemed a bit too easy/ over done by many fan art out there. So here it is! (I won't say who's who in this picture to avoid spoiler.)

My favorite gryffindor with a gryffin!

There are so many gryffindors in HP, it's hard to choose one, but Hermione wins over Harry and Ron for me. Even though she's annoying sometimes, she is by far the most useful character because she works hard and driven, not because she's fated to be.


Harry looks a little old here, but just trying to capture that paranoia of those new HP7 posters


Anyone else an Extras fan? Sir Ian will always be my perfect wizard. In case you haven't seen this clip, it's great: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyoWmkhRyp8&feature=related


This from Steve Fuentes:

Steve Fuentes did his favorite wizard, Jaquio from the NES game Ninja Gaiden, no relation to the one in his comic.

Gryffon Door

The crude assemblage of technology available to me has made my drawing look all ancient, like something drawn on papyrus with squid ink.    Good!
I´m in La Paz, Bolivia right now. The new Harry Potter is playing at the local cinema as I am sure it is in Nairobi , Maputo and everywhere else I´ve ever been.

Wizard day

Harry Potter week stumbles along unsure of it's future as Robin, Becky
and Tina (potter week's most strident supporters) have yet
to do a "Potter" sketch.

Thus, Tuesday is only "Wizard" day. Will Potter week survive?
Today is a pivotal day in it's struggle to
gain prominence over the week before the semi finals!

My Wizard is the Saturday morning wizard of years past known as
"Mighty Isis! I always wanted to see her fight Anubus, the
Egyptian God of the dead, so here it is!!!

Harry Potter

It was a long weekend at the Richmond Comic Con, then lecturing at VCU, but I'm back for Harry Potter week with Gryffindor's star pupil!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Gryffindor- (featuring the Cat from Harry Potter)

My favorite character in the Harry Potter series of books and movies was the cat that always hung around the Gryffindor house.

(Um... was there a cat in Harry Potter? I just felt like drawing a cat.)


My friend, Marc Anderson, has submitted this for today's Draw-Bridge.


Reilly, Becky, Tina and Robin want this week
to be "Harry Potter" week on Drawbridge. Ahem.

I don't know much about Harry Potter but...


Friday, 19 November 2010

What a blockhead

Not much to write today, except to lament poor Woodstock.

Charlie Broon - Whit the f$%#@ is 'Thanksgiving' anyways?

So as a non-american I find the whole Thanksgiving thing a bit novel. Though I have learned several interesting things about the ritual. One of which is the importance of brining a Turkey.
The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special was not shown in the UK, so I have never seen it.

Incidentally I am posting this from Puno on the shore of Lake Titikaka near the Bolivian border. Ain't life grand!

You're Welcome

this took me eleven hours to think of and six to execute

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I recall when Thanksgiving dinner was served, Pepperment Patty went ballistic. I thought she was being such a brat and felt so bad for Charlie Brown.

Here they are 20 years later.

charlie brown thanksgiving

Today's theme:
charlie brown thanksgiving

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Don't touch it, it's evil

didn't think too long about this one

Mum! Dad! Don't Touch it! It's Evil!

So, I'm responsible for today's topic of "Don't touch it, it's evil" and as my subject, I chose to portray the embodiment of evil himself as played by David Warner in the classic film "Time Bandits". The line "Don't touch it, it's evil" is of course, from that film: it's what the protagonist yells to his parents right before they are about touch a concentrated lump of pure evil. They promptly do anyway and explode.

Time Bandits was and is one of my favorite films of all time. As a kid, I use to endlessly draw and redraw the final battle sequence between Evil and the various armies from different time periods. This is my first time drawing him since I've become an adult :)

Incidentally, still on the road with no scanner, just my camera phone and a laptop. I'm pretty pleased with what I was able to pull off, considering.

"don't touch it, it's evil"

I was reading about The Leonid meteor showers this morning.
IF you don't know:
"The Leonid meteor showers reached the height of their activity November 17 and November 18 2010. The meteors appear in the sky near the Leo constellation."

And then George sent out today's theme which is:
"don't touch it, it's evil."

Thus my sketch makes all kinds of sense!

Mr. T vs. Harry Potter

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mr. T vs. Harry Potter

Apologies for the terrible quality-- I'm on the road with no scanner, so this is a cell phone picture. Just as well, because Mr.T vs Harry Potter is a pretty weird topic, yo.

I'll be sure to draw tomorrow's in pen to increase the contrast, and hopefully we'll have a less insane post topic.

Harry Potter Vs. Mr. T

To celebrate the premier of
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
this weekend, today's theme is
"Harry Potter vs. Mr. T"

My particular take is,

"Russian doll Harry Potter vs. Mr. T"


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Fully Armed

So my first thought for 'Arm' was again my own character ( sorry for being so lame ). This is the Arm and the Arm of Nikolai Dante, bearing as it does the Romanov Weapons Crest which grants the wielder something like superpowers and in Dantes case Bio-Blades that spring from his hands like organic machinery.

Did I mention that I'm in Peru right now? It's REALLY cool to be able to do this! Haha!

Behold the Arm of Doom!

As Mr. T-Money Hamilton already discussed, today at Drawbridge we're drawing what Nate would like to see, the Nate in question being Nate Cosby, former editor at Marvel Comics who had a hand in editing nearly every worthwhile thing to come out of the House of Ideas in recent years. And what Nate wanted to see was... an arm.

I decided to draw the mighty iron-clad gauntlet of that despot of Latveria, the diabolical Dr. Doom, at the exact moment he gets his fondest wish, wrapping his steely fingers around the neck of his accursed rival and making ready to go all Martian Popper Thing on Richard's accursed head. RICHARDS!!!

An Arm

Today we are taking part in Nathan Cosby's
"Nate would like to see" thingy he does every week
on his blog.

Read more here if you wish:

Anyway, today he wanted to see and "Arm" of a favorite character.

Thus, I give you "Captain ARM-merica" and some of his team mates!

Monday, 15 November 2010

New Yorker Cartoon

Hello! Been away for a bit.

Sometimes the New Yorker has illustrations without captions, right? :-/

The other day I spotted people in this cafe where everyone was looking at their phones...and not talking at all.

New Yorker Cartoon

South Beach Diet

I wanted to do this for 'maneater' but it ended up being a New Yorker cartoon...

Faux New Yorker: Zombies

Today's topic was "New Yorker Comic". I watched Walking Dead last night so I came up with this:

So, what are you in the mood for tonight? I was thinking maybe a little Mexican...

The end result is maybe more Far Side than New Yorker, but whatever. Gary Larson rules.

Incidentally, this is not my first stab at doing some New Yorker style cartoons. In fact, a few years back, one of my cartoons even won a New Yorker contest on the Leonard Lopate show. Check that one out here, as well as a couple of other cartoons I did.

Steve Fuentes - Princess

Better late than never, Steve Fuentes contributes to the Battle of the Planets topic

New Yorker Cartoons!

This one was written by Eric Saul:

And this is pure natsch

Theme today: New Yorker Cartoon