Friday, 25 March 2011

Wonder Natalie

Natalie and I often share a similar mindset, a trait I chalk up to our both having survived being raised on Long Island.

Natalie's been a voice here on the Bridge since before there was a  'Bridge proper, when we would just post our warm-up drawings on each others blogs, and she brings a much-appreciated sense of whimsy and relative non-geekiness to the proceedings hereabouts. I drew her as Wonder Woman because, on top of her cartooning, she's also a successful writer, comedienne, actress, and mom. She can bench-press a Volkswagen beetle over her head, eat half her weight in birdseed every 24 hours, and I once saw her catch a bullet in her teeth. Additionally, she knows pi to 13000 places, can actually speak binary code, and is the last living stage assistant of Harry Houdini, DESPITE THE FACT THAT HE DIED OVER 80 YEARS BEFORE SHE WAS BORN. Truly a Wonder.


  1. You are such a suck-up O'Connor!

  2. I didn't suck up to you, ya lousy Scot, you.

  3. Disgruntlement is now my new favorite word.

    In truth, I do owe you something more significant. I was stupid busy the day of your and Steve's bday. I'll have to rectify this.

  4. Does anybody know what gruntlement is? I always wondered. "I am gruntled."

    Lovely Natalie as WW, George - you know I love a good WW but she looks even better with Natalie's face.

  5. I am so freaking touched. This makes me look waaaaayyyy better than real life!!!!

    I'm really not worthy of this at all. I so appreciate this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. George had a great idea here with all your cartoons in the back.

    Natalie should have played WW in the new show.
    We'll look into that...

  7. George was too lazy to draw his own background, is what it was.