Monday, 28 February 2011

Tyler Chin-Tanner - Fishnets

Bionic Bigfoot - The Horror!

Ok, I said I WASN'T going to do this today, but I find myself with no other option.

Bionic Bigfoot has a Posse

As some of you may know, the bionic Bigfoot from the Six Million Dollar Man, was played by none other than Andre the Giant! And so…

Black Canary, Fishnets and Bionic Bigfoot.

Last week here at Drawbridge, we tried an experiment. On Monday, we sent out a list of topics for the whole week to our gang of contributors, in order to allow some folks extra time to psyche themselves up for a particular topic. I can't say it was a particularly successful endeavor-- we didn't get any more contributions than we would have normally (with all the extra prep time, I didn't even come up with anything for "Gag cartoon"), and additionally, with the untimely passing of Dwayne McDuffie, what was originally intended to be last Friday's topic, "fishnets", got bumped to today, Monday.

Tim Hamilton, whose obsession with Sasquatches is both well-documented and troubling, forgot that the topic for today was meant to be "fishnets" and instead drew the bionic Sasquatch from the old, old, old Six Million Dollar Man show. He and Simon Fraser posted their competing themes near simultaneously this morning, resulting in chaos and widespread destruction.

In an attempt to broker peace between these two warring factions, I decided to combine the two themes into a drawing that, like any compromise, leaves neither side happy or satisfied. I give you, fishnet-clad superheroine Black Canary vs. the Bionic Sasquatch:

Did you know that Andre the Giant played the bionic Bigfoot? I did not.

Fishnets - Zatanna

When todays topic of 'Fishnets' was proposed there was a very strong feeling that what that REALLY meant was 'Zatanna' ( or maybe Black Canary ) I will confess that was my first thought too. Zatanna is currently the only monthly floppy comic that I buy. I guess we'll have to have a 'Black Canary' day to make up for this.

Bionic Big Foot

An unforgettable image from my childhood was the moment (From the 1976 third season episode of the Six Million Dollar Man) when Steve Austin tore the arm off of Bigfoot. Not knowing that Big Foot was ALSO bionic, I thought for just a split second that Steve had ripped off Big Foot's actual flesh and blood arm! I freaked out for a moment.

Anyway. We all loved Big Foot in the 70's.
Whatever happened to him?

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Pregnant Alien Monster Thing

Army goth Girl?

This is what I started doodling this morning.
It's some sort of Manga-Tank-Goth girl
idea that seems to have influenced
my subconscious this morning.

I really don't know much about "Goth,"
"cute girl Manga" or even "Tank Girl."

Thursday, 24 February 2011

In Memory of Dwayne McDuffie: Static Shock Co-Creator

Dwayne McDuffie: Teenage Negro Ninja Thrashers

Earlier this week, the comics world lost one of its own. Dwayne McDuffie spent much of his career in comics working to bring some greater diversity to the world of comics and superheroes. In addition to spearheading the multicultural imprint Milestone at DC, and creating the long-running cartoon series Static Shock, he wrote one of my personal favorite series at Marvel, Damage Control.

While working at Marvel comics, Mr. McDuffie pitched a series that has become the stuff of legend in the comics biz. Here's the memo as it circulated thru Marvel:

To honor Mr.McDuffie, I decided to bring his vision to life. Here's what I drew:

Upon researching the characters, I learned, sadly, that apparently the character "Dark Wheelie" mentioned in his pitch was not real-- in addition to team leader "mysterious black guy on skateboard", that was two characters I had to make up for my drawing, so I lazed out and drew one, and it's up to you, the gentle viewer to decide who it is. I do hereby vow that I will one day bring "Dark Wheelie" to proper life, in some way.

Rest in Peace, Mr. McDuffie, you will be missed.

Dwayne McDuffie - In Memoriam

Dwayne McDuffie- Static

I never met Mr. McDuffie, but am familiar with his massive
output in both comics and animation. Sorry to lose such a talented
guy who put so much work into what he loved to do.

transmitter! oh! i'm picking up something good

a little radiohead trivia for y'all: where did radiohead get their name from? ten thousand style points to anyone who can i.d. the source of this image.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Tyler Chin-Tanner Zardoz(Thor)


How Zardoz begat Vartox, the Hyper Man

I should admit this up front -- it was my desire to draw semi-obscure Superman supporting character Vartox the Hyper Man that lead to "Zardoz" being the topic for today.

I have a great love for the silliness that is silver and bronze age Superman. I first encountered Vartox when I was a pretty young kid-- and despite being somewhat unsettled by his body hair, disco boots and speedo, I took an immediate liking to this character who was a rival for Superman-- heck, he was referred to multiple times in the story as being more powerful than the Man of Steel himself, hence, I suppose, his designation as a Hyper-Man instead of a Super-man. Hyper trumps super, I guess.

Vartox (real name: Vernon O'Valeron, hailing from the Sombrero Hat Galaxy, and no, I'm not making any of this up) hung around for awhile in the Superman comics, even cameoing in possibly the greatest Superman story of all time, Alan Moore's "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow" (that's him cradling the dead Lana Lang), before being swept away with all the corny (ie coolest) elements of Superman's story, like Krypto, the Legion of Superheroes and Supergirl,  in the relaunched Man of Steel continuity in the mid 80's.

During his period in limbo, I first came across John Boorman's supremely odd sci-fi epic Zardoz and realized, hey, Sean Connery's disturbing outfit reminds me of another disturbing outfit I could recall from my childhood. Of course, in an epic instance of "huh buh whu?" the creators of Vartox, Cary Bates and Curt Swan, must have gone to the movies, saw that little slice of crazy that is "Zardoz" and decided, let's make a character based on Sean Connery's lack of pants in this film.

Recently Vartox made his long overdue return to comics in the series Powergirl, about Superman's kinda-sorta cousin. His cheesy side was fully embraced,a s he was cast as an interstellar lothario searching for a worthy mate, and had settled on the Kryptonian Power Girl. In a new twist to the character, he now flies around in a spaceship that looks like his own head, mustache and all, ala Zardoz, and it was easily one of the best comics ever. It was this incarnation of the Hyper Man I chose to draw. Long live Vartox!


I was told I should watch a movie called Zardoz. Ahem.

Cocaine, everyone who worked on the movie Zardoz stopped. Don't start.

Fashion from the mid 1970's. It's dead. Don't revive it.

Red diapers. If people in a movie are wearing red Diapers you can't really
take anything else in the movie seriously.

LOOK. Look into the vortex that is ZARDOZ!
Suffer as I have suffered!!!

Tyler Chin-Tanner - Batman

Slightly late ( sorry Tyler )


Like Tim, I went with a Frank Miller style. Fun!

duh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh

ZARDOZ - Charlotte Rampling

Because the thing I remember about Zardoz the movie wasn't Sir Sean prancing around in an orange loincloth or the giant flying stone head ( though that's pretty cool ) , it was Charlotte Rampling...
Because Helen Mirren is only the second most fanciable englishwoman over 60.   ...and then there's Julie Christie.

Monday, 21 February 2011

"The Batman Flies Silently Through The Night Sky With The Help of His Bat Friends"

Batman's Rogues Gallery

Today's topic was "Batman", the most emo of all superheroes. I wasn't sure which of his numerous villains I would like to draw, and ultimately I decided to draw all of them. I figure on his days (nights) off, Bruce Wayne has a nice glass of cognac, and reminisces on adventures past in his own private gallery of rogues.

Batman: Cat Woman

Cat Woman has been treated pretty badly over the
years (I'm looking at you 1990's).
She's either been a prostitute or crazy or endowed with breasts that
simply defy description (take a look at the 1990's).

I have no special love or hate for Cat Woman.
What I did here is clearly cheese cake inspired by
Frank Miller. I don't really care for the over sexualization
of Cat Woman but hear that she has become a much better character
in recent years.

So let me just be clear, this is NOT Cat Woman. It's
a fashion model dressed up AS Cat Woman.'s
all right. Shhhhhhh....It's all going to be okay....

Batman - ManBat

I can't remember how Dr Kirk Langstrom became the ManBat, it was some serum or other. I do remember that it was drawn by a very much on-form Neal Adams. The sequence with the ManBat flying around the batcave stick in my mind today. Very very dynamic.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday Free-for-all: "Egg Boy"

Saturday Free-for-all

This is kind of a cross post, in that this illo is already appearing in an earlier version at the Scot Corner Blog today, where I post something every Saturday. My fine colleagues there post something new or unseen every weekday. Go check it out.

Sleeping Beauty: Maleficent...

...sasquatch edition.

It's Sasquatch Saturday! what you want day.
I posted an image of the very evil villain from Sleeping Beauty.
This though, is the form she took around the 12th century when she
often appeared to the Sasquatch of the Northern

I have many details to go into
about this mythology but's Saturday.
I have to go to the Farmer's Market!

McClogged Intestines

Friday, 18 February 2011

Tyler Chin-Tanner - Intestines


BATMAN spent the morning examining his long intestines, BECAUSE HE WAS SO HARD!

Intestinal distress, zombie style

In every zombie movie ever made, there's always that one poor bastard who goes down in the middle of a swarm of the evil dead. All those zombies just hunkering down and chowing on him (or her) like there's no tomorrow... Well, also in every zombie film ever made, just one bite from the undead is enough to turn you into a zombie, so what happens to those unfortunate souls who spent some time as the main course of a pack of ghouls before reanimating? Well they come back, I guess, but looking substantially worse for the wear than the typical Hollywood zombie. When the Imminent Zombie Apocalypse finally hits, I predict that there will be a lot of sad cases like our friend here shambling around.


Unknown to most, once Naoki Urasawa finished his amazing "Pluto" Graphic novel series,
he began work on a sequel of sorts called,"Pluto Batman!"

Pluto Batman is the Earth's most mighty Robot because he has one human organ,
his INTESTINES! He is seen here capturing his arch foe "Joking puppet bot,"
a robot hand puppet who also has only one human part, his LIPS!!!

This comic has yet to see light due to legal battles and Naoki's wish
that the book be published BEFORE he draws it.

Flash Gordon?

I was told Flash Gordon was an acceptable subject for this topic? When I think of Flash Gordon, all I can think of is that awesome Queen song...

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Tyler Chin-Tanner - Kato & Robin

Larry 'Buster' Crabbe

I grew up watching Buster Crabbe punching the lights out of weirdly dressed hairy stuntmen. The guy looks like Frank Frazetta drew him, he was very much the archetypical hero of his age. The writing and acting are utterly abysmal, but the thing thunders along on sheer momentum and every week an apocalypic cliff-hanger. I like cliff-hangers.

Cereal Adventures

Oh, yeah, that's right, I went for the obvious pun.

Few people realize that beloved children's cereal shill Cap'n Crunch made his first appearance in the short-lived serial "Captain Crunch and the Secret of the Crunchberries". Each episode featured the Captain and his sidekick, a manic depressive cuckoo bird named Sonny, getting blowned up real good, only to be revealed in the next episode that they had somehow miraculously escaped. It was canceled in 1941, due to outrage over pro-Germany statements made by Hans Von Schadenfreude, the actor who portrayed the Captain, and the sudden realization that serials were mad stupid, yo.

Movie serials

Or cliff hangers as they were sometimes called.

There were SO many back in the heyday of the cinema.
Even Houdini had a movie serial! (I hope someone does that one)

Believe it or not, I did...BATMAN!
Yes, he had a serial in 1943. In it he battled the nefarious...Japanese!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Too late for love?

Hellz naw, man.  Hence, my flower themed contribution.  

Two great tastes that taste great together UPDATED

Hey, you got your chocolate in my goddess of love!

You got your goddess of love in my chocolate!


I don't remember what twisted strain of conversation lead to "chocolate Aphrodite" being today's Drawbridge topic, but I do know that the best way to a goddess's heart is to give her a milk-chocolate replica of herself. Better than flowers anyday.

I might color this whole thing when I get home. Then again, I might not.

Just realized that there's a great joke in here somewhere with a Mars bar, but that might get too filthy.

Got home, decided to color it. How you like it now?

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