Saturday, 30 October 2010

Friday, 29 October 2010

Or you could, you know, think first...

The walking dead are better in groups

Had a little bit of extra time to do my warm up sketch this morning, so I got to do a little more detailed sketch than usual.

Which is good, because the walking dead are more impressive in hordes.

Unfortunately, I don't have cable, so I won't be seeing the show, but Happy Hallowe'en everybody!

Walking Dead - Pity the Zombie

As if we didn't have enough to be afraid of , now we have stuff like Zombies? Well in fact no and here's why.

Lets assume that the processes of autolysis and putrifaction are magically slowed in the dead body ( though not stopped as Zombie always seem pretty rank! )
Then we have say 150lb of stinking meat just ringing the lunchbell to every carrion eater out there and there are a LOT of those!
First we get Blow Flies and various types of Flesh Flies that lay eggs. The maggots then run riot throughout the cadaver, breaking down tissue and exposing the internal cavities to oxygen and more flesh flies. The various gasses emitted by the body are going to attract larger scavengers like Rats, Crows and Dogs. The Zombie may be mobile but it's motor functions are deteriorating swiftly under the onslaught. The corpse is losing mass fast, due to the torrent of maggots and flies feeding off it, the loss of liquids and now bits of putrifying flesh are being ripped off by opportunistic fauna too. Realistically our poor misbegotten Zombie pal has a couple of days of functional existence before the body deteriorates beyond usefulness. Thusly any Zombie threat would be neutralised by just not leaving home for a long weekend. Admittedly you would have a serious Rat and Bluebottle problem for a while, but they would die back as the food source literally dries up. Have a nice day.

Walking Dead

Nothing witty today.
I enjoy the Walking Dead graphic novels and
look forward to seeing the AMC show,but
didn't feel the need to draw a zombie.

I don't know what this is.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Zippy O'Reilly

Pinhead. Thanks to Bill Griffith. 

Li'l Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly

O'Reilly Halloween special!

Here comes the old bloodsucker now!


Papa Bear

I vaguely thinking about doing a clever satirical thing, but I spent most of the train ride trying to capture his shit-eating grin.

Bathroom Break at the Factor!

fuck this guy

Fair and Balanced-- O rlly?

As mentioned, today's topic was inspired by a piece we read on Robot 6 about Bill O'Reilly using his considerable pulpit to harass an editorial cartoonist with whom he disagreed.

Regardless of your own personal political beliefs (and I'll say this for Mr. O'Reilly-- unlike some of the people with whom he shares a network, I believe he is not a shameless opportunist, and actually believes what he says) that's being a bully. And being a bully ain't cool.

I'll also say this about the man-- he's surprisingly fun to draw.

Bill O'Reilly - Old Nickname

"The Devil can cite scripture to his purpose" William Shakespear

Bill O'Reilly

Todays theme was inspired by this:

Basically, Bill O'Reilly harassed a political cartoonist because he dared speak ill
of the GOP mouth piece (AKA Fox News).

My piece is a sequel of sorts to my sketch from yesterday...

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sherlock Holmes!


OMG u guys who has watched new SHERLOCK. Its so good. I drew some sketches of it, but they weren't very good, so I'm posting a more classic Holmes! (Simon's new Sherlock pic was awesome!! agh!)

Oh man, he makes me want to deduce. <3

Sherlock Holmes

I grew up in a blue collarish kind of neighborhood. That was my introduction to Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch

Like many people I was very impressed by the recent BBC Sherlock Holmes series. The writing was great and the casting was excellent. Both Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch nailed the parts to a tee. Mr Cumberbatch would probably have been doomed to a career in costume dramas as he has the face ( and the name ) from another age. So I attempted to do my portrait in a cod Joshua Reynolds sketch style.


I shamefully missed Cav's birthday round yesterday, so here are pale imitations of his creations dressed, in the spirit of the season, as Holmes and Moriarty.

Sherlock Holmes: Muppet Reichenbach Falls

So the story goes, feeling constrained by his character's immense popularity, Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle had him meet his end fighting arch nemesis Moriarty atop Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland (of course, eventually, he got better). Here I've recreated the scene with Muppet Sherlock Hemlock standing in for the great detective. Now you know where he disappeared to after those first few seasons of Sesame Street.

Sherlock Holmes

I’m pretty much a Holmes purist.
I love the original stories (most of them, The Creeping Man was the…er…clunker for me).
I don’t care for anyone else’s “versions” of Sherlock. TV shows, Holmes in WWII England, cartoons or whatever alternate reality that Robert Downey Jr.’s version came from. They hold no interest for me. The faithful Granada television adaptions are the only exception to this rule. That was a great series that I highly recommend.

I call my sketch, “Clue.”

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Happy Belated Birthday, Mike...

Loviathan: King Llyr

Happy Birthday Mike Cavallaro!

King Llyr always makes sure that his fingernails and toenails match. It's just one of the many touches that make Llyr one of the most popular boys in all of Atlantis.


Mike! Happy 85th! Once they take out your cataracts, you might be able to see this drawing!


Loviathan! King Llyr by Dean Haspiel

As you all know, today is Fellow Drawbridger Mike Cavallaro's 61st birthday, and to celebrate we're all drawing characters from his so-good-it-hurts-dear-lord-why-won't-the-pain-stop webcomic Loviathan viewable at the Act-i-Vate website. That being the case, I thought I would share with you our studiomate Dean Haspiel's rendition of King Llyr that he drew last year when Cav turned 49.

I should mention that Cav has a serious thing for blond superheroes, hence the presence of Aquaman and Thor.

Speaking or presence, Dean had the presence of mind to make a scan of this year's birthday card for Sr. Cavallaro. A whole bunch of contributed, including Nathan Schreiber, Simon Fraser, Becky Cloonan, Joe Infurnari, James Smith, Dean Haspiel and your truly. Click here to check it out.

LOVIATHAN - Shouty Frog Mouth Thing!

I think this is a Fire Troll. It's an awesome character design whatever it's called. Happy birthday Maestro!


IN honor of Cavallaro's 49th birthday we're
all illustrating characters from his LOVEly
Act-I-Vate comic "Loviathan:"

I did "Hell's High Captain:"

Loviathan! Queen Aine by Mike Fiffe

Happy 56th Birthday Mike Cavallaro!

To celebrate the birthday of beloved and cuddly Drawbridger Mike Cavallaro today the topic is his very own amazing webcomic "Loviathan". No sooner did I send out the email announcing it then we got our first drawing, of Queen Aine, as drawn by the amazing Michel Fiffe. Mr. Fiffe has been having some problems with Blogger that are making it hard for him to post, so I'm doing the honors. Enjoy!

self portrait

here's mine-- a little late, but I still got it in under the bell.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Self Portrait

With the lack of any better ideas, here's a sketch of me sketching on the train, sketched on the train. To my shame, with the lack of internet and a decent coffee machine, it's probably where I do the days most productive work.....

self portrait

Self Portrait

I didn't feel like like drawing a body...

Self Portriat


self portrait

Selfportrait +20

In 20 years I plan to be living on a tropical beach, just me and a fishing boat.

Self Portrait

Simon wanted to do self portraits
today and I kept it
pretty simple.

Me in high school!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Jim Murray - NSFW !

Another triumph from Mr Murray's mighty pen.


Some things are better not seen at work. Or anywhere else...

NSFW - The China White Edition

Although I guess it could depend on what line of work you're in.

NSFW- Nicolas Sarkozy's First Wife

Nicolas Sarkozy's First Wife was the first thing I thought of...

Oh sure-- we all know and love  Nicolas Sarkozy's third wife, Italian supermodel Carla Bruni. But can we get a little "Hell's Yeah" for the French president's first wife Marie-Dominique Culioli (married 1982-1996)?

NSFW - Not Safe For Work



In an effort to keep these as WARM UP sketches:
Did this with my morning coffee.

"Narcotic spacial fever whippets"

Thursday, 21 October 2010

All About the Benjamin

A little backstory to enjoy my strip: Ben Franklin's eldest son, William, was a British loyalist who was exiled to England after the Revolutionary War. He never reconciled with his famous (founding) father.

Everything else is me being silly.

Benjamin Franklin

Ben be nimble, Ben be quick...oh wait...

Ben came from humble beginnings: his father was a candle maker. I wonder if this thought ever crossed his mind when he was doing all sorts of brilliant stuff.

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin Entertains the Neighborhood Kids!

Ben Franklin was many things- scientist, inventor, astronaut and cyborg. But perhaps he was best known for his hilarious comedy routines which inspired the neighborhood kids to develop what later became known as "Vaudeville." Franklin's famous "kite in a lightning storm" skit was probably his earliest (and definitely his most successful) attempt at comedic performance art.

The REAL Ben Franklin

This is the only true portrait of Ben Franklin you'll see today.

Benjamin Franklin - Great Brit!

Benjamin Franklin, one of the greatest men of his age. Born and bred a British subject and lived as such for 70 of his 84 years on this Earth. We were happy to have him.