Monday, 31 January 2011

Tintin Au 2000AD

In 1977 the 70 year old George Remi ( Hergé ), entranced by the new dark, vicious and  satirical upstart 2000AD that had just started up in London, submitted some story ideas and art samples to then Editor Pat Mills. Mills reportedly rejected them as 'Not edgy enough.' and said to the venerated titan of world comics " Go look at Carlos Ezquerra's work, maybe you can learn something ". Remi's reaction was not recorded, but he died 6 years later, a broken man.


For some reason I still have some left over Doctor Who in
my brain due to the "Doctor Who" theme last week.

Thus I give you:

"Tintin and the adventure of the Blue Box"

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Space Sasquatch 2

Drew this this morning, then played around with coloring it but
I actually have work to do so I gave up coloring it.
So here is "Partially colored "Space Sasquatch 2" cause it's Saturday
and nobody cares what the theme is.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Happy Birthday Kat!

I'm on a boat!

Happy Birthday to the legendary Kat Roberts! A delightful human being who puts a smile on my face whenever I talk to her. Can't wait to see you in April!

Happy Birthday, Notorious K.A.T.!

Kat once explained the song, Juicy, by Notorious B.I.G to me. It was a little awkward because I asked a lot of questions.I'm forever thankful to her.

Happy Birthday, Kat!

Happy Birthday Kat!

Hope you have a good one!

Yes, this was just another excuse to draw Fiffe's manly chest...

Kat Berfday Dubble Post!

Yeah, you read that right, double post!

Today is the birthday of my fellow Hypothetical Islander, Kathleen Roberts. My last birthday, Kat drew me a beautiful piece that will serve one day as the cover to a novel I've yet to write. I wanted to make sure I played proper respect to Kat's bday so I first drew this piece, an homage to her favorite film, Purple Rain, which she has inflicted upon us on the Island on several occasions.

I wasn't wild about the finished result-- it somehow didn't catch that je nais se Kattish feeling I was looking for. I took a break to take some garbage out and this idea jumped to my head.

Kat's not a superhero, and she's never raked me with her nails, but somehow I thought this was much more her. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Kat!

Happy Birthday Kat!

Many happy returns on the day!
So it took a while, but I eventually found this beauty parked at a Bestbuy outside Secaucus. The painting was easy 'cos I made a transparent sticker and quickly stuck it down while the driver was inside the store. I painted the name on the door very quickly with Acrylic paint. The van looked like it was in good condition, I left Kat's e-mail address taped to his windshield wiper.
Pheww, busy night!

Happy Birthday Kat!

It's Kat's Birthday!
Kat's fever dream comic involving snakes and water:
seems to have stuck in my head ever since I first read it.

So I did a little tribute to it while
adding my own fever dream images. That's
not supposed to be Kat if Kat is wondering.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Kat!

Well, technically, Kat Roberts' birthday is on this Sunday the 30th, but since we all know that the Internet shuts down on weekends, we're celebrating her birthday a little early!

Kat is the creator of the webcomic, Fever Dream, as well as recently having her fantastic contribution in the Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies series come out. Check out her art blog as well as her other blog, i see heads people... which you have to see it to believe it.  


Thursday, 27 January 2011


Apple NINJA!

Fear the Apple Ninja, with his Deadly Delicious Jutsu!!!

Prolly been watching a little too much Naruto lately

The Apple of Discord

My first thought upon learning today's topic was "The Big Apple". My second thought was "Naw, I ain't gonna draw that". So here's my third thought, the Golden Apple of Eris.

 As you all of course know, Eris was the goddess of Discord, who, miffed at not being invited to a wedding, showed up anyway and threw her golden apple to the ground, shouting " To the fairest". Now this was a pretty fancy wedding, so many of the Olympians were present. I chose to depict the exact awkward moment when Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, each believing themselves to be the fairest of them all, all simultaneously reached for the Golden Apple of Discord. One thing leads to another, and this little incident eventually lead to the Trojan War and the more-or-less complete destruction of the race of Heroes. 

Obnoxious Apple

Apple (Propah)

Haw haw

Not an Apple, a Bunny Bee

This doesn't have much to do with apples, sorry, but as I drew it for someone else this morning and there already seems to be a vaguely insectoid theme emerging, thought I'd post it here.

Bad Apple!

A quick digital colour sketch this morning to commemorate my late MacBook Pro. ( Photoshop, Wacon Intuos 2 , Windows7, very cheap Acer PC )
After 2 years of use the Logic Board overheated and I pay the $600 (!!) to replace the board, hoping that if I am REALLY careful, don't use the machine all the time and keep it well ventilated, I might get a few more years out of it.
8 months later it's dead again and this time I'm not getting suckered into replacing the bloomin' logic board.

So I do some research. It turns out that overheating is a VERY widespread issue with MacBook Pros and a wide variety of other Apple equipment. Because cooling isn't as important as looking Cool!

Buyer beware!



Dr. Who

When I was checking out the Drawbridge topic yesterday, this conversation ensued.

My apologies to Mr. Hamilton. Mr. Who is next on the Netflix queue.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dr. Who!


Like George, I am not super-familiar with Dr. Who. Unlike George, I will make no apologies for it. A bushy-haired weirdo traveling through time in a telephone booth to fight garbage cans? sounds wack as hell, but a lot of people eat this show up so it must have some redeeming qualities. Maybe I'll pick it up when I get through the next 350 episodes of Naruto

Dr. Who- Peter Cushing

Dr. Who fills one of my geek blind-spots-- kind of like Star Trek or Dungeons & Dragons, I somehow never got into this thing that most people who are like me (geeky cartoonists) have as an integral part of their geek loves.

I do know enough about Doctor Who to know that there were a couple of movies based on the series, but, continuity-wise, they are very different. Peter Cushing, he of Hammer Horror film, Sherlock Holmes and Grand Moff Tarkin fame, played the good Doctor, but he's not counted as one of the canonical Doctors-- of which there's been , like, fifty. Here's my take on Cushing's Dr. Who:

I know this version of the Doctor is probably the ugly red-headed stepchild of Dr. Who fanfare, which is partially why I drew it. Also, I wanted to draw Peter Cushing, who, as it turns out, is a lot harder to capture the likeness of than you'd think. All cheekbones, no lips.

Dr Who - Tom Baker

My childhood simply does not make any sense without Dr Who. It was a key part of how I perceived myself and how I wanted the world to be. Tom Baker was MY Doctor, in the same way that my parents are my parents. I cannot change that , no matter how good some of the newer ones have been ( and they have been excellent !)
Dr Who is about a renegade alien in a broken Time/Space ship, travelling the universe , saving the innocent and helping right wrongs. His first and only weapon is his brain and no matter how much of existence he sees, no matter how much horror , venality and cruelty, he loves it and is full of wonder at the beauty of it all. I can live with that.

Doctor Who

When I picked this theme I thought of all the odd
aliens and monsters I could draw
and how I would pick just ONE of those!!

Then I looked at google and saw Mr. William Hartnell in his smug pose
and realized who I had to sketch.
I did not grow up with this, the original renegade ornery mad
scientist of a doctor, but once I saw the episodes (originally aired
in 1963-66) I knew he was ultimately my favorite despite how
much we all love Tom Baker and the current version.

Love his farewell

Dee-Dee Dalek

An oldie but goodie to start the day off. I first drew this guy in about 1983. He used to have a mohican on his dome too.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Penguin

Oh, you go, Batman. Go and beat the holy living crap out of your fearsome nemesis, the middle-aged, bird-obsessed, overweight dwarf in a tuxedo. Ooh, watch out! He's got an umbrella!

Maybe for an encore you can smash the face in of that skinny ass in the question-mark leotard, you big toughie you.



Tyler Chin-Tanner stopped by Deep Six this morning and joined us in drawing
the penguin theme!


Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins rock VERY hard! This is an animal that can dive to 535 m (1,755 ft) in search of food. Do they get decompression sickness? Nope! Do we understand why? Nope! They are also pretty much the best parents of any animal that exists.



If Samuel Jackson narrated "March of the Penguins" instead of "Farce of the Penguins" he could have helped those poor little marchers in ways that Morgan Freeman could NOT!

I wrote a Haiku about it:

Samuel Jackson
can confuse him with Freeman
Mace Windu help me

Monday, 24 January 2011


remember that movie where the governor of california and the dispatcher from the sunshine cab company played conjoined twins who became famous country bluegrass musicians? i only saw it once because there wasn't any nudity in it.



About to do something in my patented silly style so I went with two idiots


I have no real explanation. It's just what came to mind.

Divine Twins vs Wonder Twins

I was just going to straight up draw Apollo and Artemis, the twin Olympians, for today's Drawbridge challenge, but then Tim opined in his comment section that I would be drawing the Wonder Twins of Superfriends fame.

Now understand this: I hate the Wonder Twins. I know that they were designed by the great Alex Toth and all, but come on, they super-suck. The girl's power was okay-- she could become any animal she wanted. The boy's though? He could become water?  Every time it was "form of a bucket of ice water". That's not a power, it's a handicap. And don't get me started on their stupid monkey. Gleek, feh!

Anyway, if there are any gods that you don't want to mess with, Apollo and Artemis top that list. They'll kill you dead just for looking at them sideways, and won't think a thing of it. They're HARDCORE. I bet they did this to the Wonder Twins just because their monkey is so freakin' dumb.

Twins - Awww

Last week a 160 Million year old Pterosaur fossil was discovered that had a egg in it. This is pretty exciting news for those of us that love Pterosaurs and seriously who doesn't love Pterosaurs? These little guys are twins. Awwww!


Just in case anyone
does NOT know what Einstein
has to do with twins.
I wrote a Haiku to
go with my sketch.
You're welcome.

A twin on each knee
Einstein fantasizes Shoots
one off at light speed

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The original space sasquatch

Tim snuck in the sneaky weekend Drawbridge topic of "space sasquatch" this weekend, when he thought nobody was watching his sneaky ways. Not so fast, Mr. Sneaks!

He also lamented that "space sasquatch" was the cartoon he always wanted, but never got, as a kid. Well he may not have had a cartoon, but he did have mother-flippin' Chewbacca in the movies! Here's my very quick doodle of the original space sasquatch and his pet sidekick, Indiana Jones.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Space Sasquatch

I'm working today so when I got up I did do a warm up sketch
even though the weekends are
post free for the most part on Drawbridge.

If any one wants though, um... this is the theme I guess.

"Space Sasquatch" it the cartoon I was hoping they made when I was eight.
But they never did...

Friday, 21 January 2011

Dee Ah Blah

Drew my Diabla on a crowded subway into Manhattan. I'm sure I was viewed with pity/scorn/amusement by all who saw me. Kind of an embarrassing thing to be drawing in public, this, but not as bad as my toilet monster.

Got home and colored it as luridly as possible, like something you'd see on the side of a van or on the most dangerous ride at the mobile carnival.

DIABLA - Would like to talk to you about a Graphic Novel idea she has

A very good morning to you all.


As we all know, Diabla is the Norwegian Hard Rock/ metal band with influences from the 80's music scene with a experimental and romantic metal with a twist.

But when I googled them so I could cut and paste the above sentence, the first hit I
got was women dressed in sexy devil costumes.

So I went with it.

I should turn on my safe search.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Two stones with one bird today, as I never drew a picture for yesterday's topic "the Path", despite being the one who suggested it (well, my girlfriend did, but it's all the same...). There is no higher sin on Drawbridge than suggesting a topic and then not contributing a drawing-- thems folks are lower than a horse thief in these parts.

Surrealist mathematical formulaarrgg --..lghgbooo

In response to Tim's topic...I have nothing coherent to say

"Surrealist mathematical formula Skirball"