Friday, 1 February 2013

William Hartnell - Dr Who

So as some of you may be aware I have drawn a Dr Who comic. The reason I wanted to do it was because it featured the very first of the Doctor's many incarnation , as embodied by William Hartnell. I'm a big fan of Hartnell. The character of Dr Who was not necessarily heroic in those early days and Hartnell brought a deal of sophistication, mischievousness and darkness that I think marked the show out as something interesting and compelling. To some extent no actor who has followed him in the roll has been quite so layered and mysterious. I see that the BBC are making a 90 minute dramatisation of the creation of the Dr Who TV show back in the early 60s. Hartnell will be played by David Bradley, who is probably the best choice possible. I can't wait.

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