Monday, 22 April 2013

Earthday - Minecraft

It's earthday today and the first thing that came to my mind is the iconic Minecraft dirtblock. Perhaps this implies that I am too cut-off from the natural world? Or perhaps that Minecraft has taken up rather a lot of my leisure time. The game itself is a hyper rationalised version of the real world , complete with a simple ecology. One must harvest the bones of dead monsters to fertilize your crops. Irrigation is crucially important. Sadly the industrial aspects of the game are such that atmospheric pollution is not part of the game mechanic, but the thing about Minecraft is that it is always evolving , so it might be part of a future update. Perhaps increased toxins in the air will cause Creepers to get bigger and nastier...yes that would work. Perhaps in the real world that would be good too, dropping litter would be accompanied by a hissing noice and before you can turn around there's an almighty KABOOM!  Yes that would be good for the heads of many fortune 500 companies too.

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