Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Captain Mal Reynolds-- He aims to misbehave

It's "Firefly" day here on Drawbridge, not "Inara" day, just sayin'. Someone had to draw the Captain, and that someone was me.

So here's how Firefly day came about: we all love Firefly here at the Drawbridge studios. LOVE IT. But especially me.

A while back, the old fogies with whom I share this blog wanted to do a "Space 1999" day, which was some old sci-fi show from before my time. It meant nothing to me, so I asked, "Couldn't we do a 'futures of the past' day instead? You could draw Space 1999, and I could do, like, I don't know, 1984 or 2001: A Space Odyssey or something?"

"NO", said they, "It's Space 1999 day. Suck it!"

"Suck you!" said I, and drew this Firefly piece instead, because, as mentioned, I LOVE Firefly. And lo and behold, my Firefly piece got a whole lot of hits, way more that their Space 1999 pieces did, because people love Firefly. So then, as we all love Firefly, we figured, let's make a whole day of it.

And there was much rejoicing, hallelujah!


  1. Did it take you longer to type that than to draw the pic George?

  2. Oh, nice Captain George.
    George who loves Firefly not nearly as much as I love it.

  3. I don't understand why you can't love several shows. Is that greedy? And are we having a Dollhouse day? (Sez he who hasn't drawn a Firefly thang)...

  4. Someone will have to loan me doll house.

  5. Y'know I think there's enough love here for another Firefly day in a few weeks. Whedon Wednesday is going to be tough once we get through the Buffy universe and the crew of Serenity. Much as I loved Dollhouse , there isn't much visual meat on it....unless you count Eliza Dushku in bondage leathers......sorry I had a moment there.

  6. I also would need to borrow some Dollhouse... I'm more or less responsible for that show not getting picked up again, with my not watching it. BUT!... I have an excuse-- I don't have a TV.

  7. You can stream it from Amazon for almost $13 a season. I watched it when it came out, so I didn't buy the disks ...yet