Friday, 5 November 2010

George's Birthday - UNICORN!

So the gag today is that we told George O'Connor that todays subject was 'Unicorn' then we told everyone else that the REAL subject was "George's Birthday" !  HA, we're SO funny! Here's a funny drawing of George I did. I drew it with crayons, because I left my Wacom at home.


  1. that's so many different kinds of wrong, simon.
    crazy good, but still wrong.

  2. So good... more color pencil work, please.

    You should have a seat in Time Square and make some extra cash doing this.

  3. ...Wow... but, it fits.

    Here's the truth-- when I finally get around to introducing Pan in Olympians, the plan is to have him be me. That should get me incinerated by a lightning bolt.

  4. Ooopsy I forgot the horns!

    When I said that I was gonna draw you as a Satyr EVERYONE said YES simultaneously....ok BOTH of us said YES simultaneously

  5. You should see me with my pants off. Hair wise, that's about accurate.