Monday, 31 October 2011

Madame Nastikoff

In 1954 the Walt Disney Corporation produced a full length animated feature entitled "Beehive Yourself!" which starred a pair of young Italian Bees who rejecting the rigid conformity of hive life ( No More Stripes!) fly to Paris to become Haute Couturiers . They apprentice themselves to Madame Nastikoff the most iconic designer of the moment, who holds all of Paris in her thrall. While quickly seduced by the apparent glamour of the world of fashion, they soon find themselves confronted with exactly the same oppressive conformity that they knew in the hive. Most oppressive of all , their erstwhile inspiration Madame Nastikoff turns out to be an egomaniacle tyrant who steals their ideas and passes them off as her own. The intrepid apiary duo are forced to strike out on their own, forming their own fashion house called 'Capriccio' they take the world by storm with their daring collection of yellow and black striped garments.

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