Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pope Savile

As the world awaits word of who the next Pope will be, we at
Drawbridge thought we'd sketch who WE thought the
next Pope should be.

Yes, my choice is a bit controversial in that Jimmy Savile is indeed dead.
But I think it's time that the church give up these out dated and medieval
beliefs which only allow for older semi living white men to be Pope!
It's time for a change! For new (mostly dead) blood to invigerate this
most corrupt... I mean sacred institution!

Think about it. It's better than electing a...woman! Dear God!



  1. The Vatican did Knight Savile, which is a high endorsement indeed. Not mention that Pope Benedict was obviously one of the undead. They should come out of the closet on that one.

  2. Wait! Bit of an update. It seems Savile was in some hot water due to not paying his owed taxes. Perhaps he's NOT the best choice.