Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fear of a Black Pope

So just to annoy Tim , I'm going to take his frivolous topic completely seriously. The chances are very very small that the Catholic Church will have an African Pope in the near future. Though it's heartening that the 'safe' money is on a South American right now. I think it would be a very bold move by an institution that is seen as increasingly anachronistic and irrelevant to elect someone from Africa. To give that continent a strong voice on the world stage. I hear that Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana is a good candidate. I haven't a clue really . He has a nice face.


  1. Well I have to admit that's a very nice illustration even though I am annoyed you
    took this seriously!
    I'm sure George will draw a Dalek Pope
    to get this blog back on track.

  2. Wow, your command of flesh tones is a sign. Looks Popely to me.