Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Aquaman - Supercavitation

So I was giving some thought to how Aquaman must move through the water. If he's swimming superfast underwater there are various friction effects that start to really make a difference to how things work, specifically Supercavitation which allows objects to move at extreme speeds through fluids by building a bubble of gas around themselves. In the case of Aquaman the gas would be steam caused by friction with the water. There are various naval torpedo systems in use that take advantage of this effect and scientists are theorising that a missile could  achieve supersonic speed underwater. Of course something moving at that speed would be utterly devastating to anything anywhere near its flightpath...but never mind about that.

Aquaman is a character who really would have benefitted from being written and drawn by Jack Kirby.


  1. Brainiac. This is totally cool.

  2. Tell DC about this when they do their NEXT re-boot...

  3. Supercavitation seems to be more fun to draw than not. And sounds like you touched upon something that Aquaman writers haven't exploited (to my knowledge).

    This is reminding me of Don Dewton for some reason. A good thing!

    Kirby on Aquaman? Try this on for size: