Thursday, 7 July 2011


Akira ( and Katsuhiro Otomo ) taught me many things, possibly the most important of all those things was the value of stillness and calm.

I saw the movie in 1989, on a flakey NTSC VHS tape I got from a friend ( thanks Kiyo ). I think I watched it 5 times, then bought the soundtrack album ( brilliant!) and then all the albums by Geino Yamashirogumi. I have yet to see the movie in English, or even with subtitles. It doesn't need them.


  1. Of all the things AKIRA masters, stillness and calm are some of them.

    Sheeeeit, can we just make it AKIRA WEEK to try to get everyone to do a piece?

  2. Ha, I haven't ever seen it in English either.