Friday, 29 July 2011

Captain America Casting

Back when the Captain America movie was first announced, there was a lot of debate in the Sinderson household about who exactly should play Mr. Steve Rogers.  For obvious reasons all foreign actors were out of the picture.  It would be too easy for Cap to slip into major cheese-mode so I thought you'd have to cast an actor with some serious acting chops.  My choice was Michael C. Hall of Dexter and Six Feet Under fame (who I've attempted top sketch up top).  I was skeptical but pleasantly surprised with Chris Evans' performance but I still wonder...

Hugo Weaving, on the other hand, was perfectly cast as the Red Skull.  While I might have preferred the villain to be more grounded in reality, the Red Skull made for a sinister figure even before he took off his "human face".  And what can be more sinister than a villain with the voice of Werner Herzog?  After the movie I brought up the idea that Hugo Weaving seemed to be doing a Werner Herzog impersonation for the Red Skull.  I believe my wife's response was, "You are probably the only person who thought that."  This of course lead me to do a Google search where I found an interview with Hugo Weaving where he stated that he did indeed base the character's accent on Herzog.  And for most everyone (including me) who doesn't know what the German director looks like, I have included him in the second sketch.

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