Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Savage Dragon Day

In celebration of the last TWISTED SAVAGE DRAGON FUNNIES installment, I've decided to draw a couple of SD supporting cast members: Sergeant Marvel and Dart. They have a complicated relationship. Their costumes are awesome. He just shot the God Gun. What else do you really need to know???

Although these characters cover me like a warm blanket of familiarity, the newness of the coloring involved here still freaks me out. It's an ink drawing and most of his costume was hand colored, but everything else was done my Modern Technology. I expect to abuse this forum in order to do more stuff like this.

In addition, and to balance out the thing above, I've included this strip I made in my sketchbook, featuring a few Savage Dragon villains:

Confused? The shark head is talking to the ape, y'see, who has a bowl on his head and it contains Hitler's brain. I then wanted to replace the nazi ape with this other character, Mace, who is gay. I think I may have just written the world's greatest log line.

Thank you, Erik Larsen, for creating this world.

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  1. Bub, that strip is some of your best work.

  2. I'm liking the digitals 'cos they look just like the painticles. I'm a big fan of your painticles!

  3. Hitler trumps gay, just sayin'.

  4. But Gay Hitler.....(shudder)

  5. Painticles? Sheesh... I tried!

    Isn't gay hitler redundant in certain circles?

  6. Angry Gay HItler is redundant.
    Didn't expect that eh??

    Nice comic.