Thursday, 30 September 2010

Barbarian - Red Sonja

I may have taken a little longer on my 'sketch' this morning, so sue me! I have very fond adolescent memories of Red Sonja, specifically as drawn by Frank Thorne. I had to personally best Becky Cloonan in unarmed combat for the privilege of drawing her here this morning. While I won this time, I fear that it's only a matter of time before Red Becky exacts... her revenge.


  1. Nice drawing, you did a good job capturing the Thorniness.

    But you personally bested Becky in unarmed combat? Wait 'til she gets her sword...

  2. I really dig the way you ink. Controlled and loose at the same time. Dig it. Dig, I say!

  3. Curse you Simon!!! Ugh this is so gooooodddd.

    Next time you wanna fight I'm gonna cast a lightning spell.

    PS can i have this? XD

  4. It's yours

    ...price to be negotiated at my convenience