Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Strange Tales

Today we're celebrating the release of "Strange Tales issue 3." This
volume of Strange Tales featured work by myself, Farel Dalrymple, Paul Maybury, Dean Haspiel and many other familiar names around these parts.

Long ago Strange Tales used to be the place Marvel published
it's lesser known characters. It used to be a book shared by
Nick Fury and Doctor Strange, and thus is my reason in doing
this "Doctor Strange" sketch!


  1. This is amazing! but... have I seen it somewhere before?

  2. Yes. Every artist who ever drew Dr. Strange has done this hand gesture smoke engulfed image.

    Oh and you saw it in that dream you had...

  3. I took the liberty of expanding your pic there Tim, as it is so very splendid. You should draw this character, it's the only mainstream book that might potentially use all your talents.

  4. I second what Simon says, just tell me who to murder to make a Tim Hamilton Dr. Strange book happen

  5. Seriously, Tim? You're gonna do this to me? You're gonna make me spill ink all over myself so I can roll around on the floor, naked, in an attempt to exorcise this inspirational beam of love/hate aimed at you?

    Good drawing.