Friday, 21 January 2011


As we all know, Diabla is the Norwegian Hard Rock/ metal band with influences from the 80's music scene with a experimental and romantic metal with a twist.

But when I googled them so I could cut and paste the above sentence, the first hit I
got was women dressed in sexy devil costumes.

So I went with it.

I should turn on my safe search.


  1. Very nice. What does beathe mean, though?

  2. OMG!
    Like, she is (or was) the lead singer!!!
    Geez, you are such a dweeb!

    She is PHAT!

    ahem, thank you for the compliment also...

  3. Safe Search is ON by default you must have switched it off for some reason.
    No doubt to aid you in drawing fine drawings like this one.

  4. whoa cool drawing!

    Tim, is there *any* way I could convince you to post your image larger? I know I can just click on the image to get it in a larger size, but I'm kinda lazy. I just want a quicker, immediate look at your wonderful artwork!

  5. No matter how big I make it, blogger keeps it small.

    OR am I missing a joke here?

  6. There, my phone fixed it for you Tim. I can lend you my phone to post from if you need it. Much better than that silly old MacPro.