Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fiffe's Birthday!

We at Drawbridge tried our best to fool Fiffe with the squid theme today but he
didn't "bite." I wanted to see a fiffe squid.

Anyway, soon there will be a Savage Dragon on the stands edited by Fiffe and
drawn by many of us here at D.B. but for his birthday I drew the spiritual
connection Fiffe and I have! All things Strange and Ditko.



  1. Aw, man... I was gonna draw a squid, too, but I had to run to work today! I might be able to squeeze one in tonight in defiance to your little "prank"!

    Wonderful Strange, Tim. Love it.

  2. Very nice.

    I think we ought to continue the squid motif to tomorrow.

  3. Tomorrow we can do "Squid Yvonne Craig"