Monday, 2 May 2011

Ink - So Long Osama

Now that the USA has killed Darth Vader I mean Osama BinLaden, do you imagine that we will all get our freedom back again? Or at least less crap to do at Airports?

This is an Indian Ink drawing done with a Windsor & Newton Series 7 and Higgins waterproof drawing ink.


  1. spending money on schools and hospitals means the terrorists already won

    I'm also finding out that America spends a lot of money on medicine (about twice as much as they do on the military).

    Nice drawing by the way

  2. America spends a huge amount on 'Medicine', but have very poor quality healthcare for the majority of Americans. This is the lie of private healthcare. SOMEONE is getting looked after here and it isn't necessarily the patients.

  3. yeah I agree - it's a remarkably inefficient system