Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Yvonne Craig vs. Squid

Nobody could decide whether we were doing yvonne craig or squid today.
Thus I did Bat Girl encountering the nefarious "Squid gang!"

This is a quick color sketch mostly done on the computer.
It's not "Done" to my satisfaction, but I can't work on it all day...


  1. Love it - it's like a Jazz-era painting of NYC. Broadway Bif Bop Bam.

  2. Very nice, Tim! Great movement, composition and color! Me likey!

    I do feel compelled to point out that there ain't nothing squidish about the gang, but who cares! This is beautiful! Do a comic about it!

  3. They are called the squid gang because they hang out at the fish market...near the squid vender... and get all squid smelly...