Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I love Buffy. I really loved that show - the idea of a wee blonde girl bashing vampires and big tough demons... I loved the premise, the characters, and the very fine spin-off, Angel. I wrote lots of words about Buffy once, in a British Buffy magazine that no-one saw. But those many essays expressed my love for Buffy. Bring her back, please - or indeed, any of the characters from that universe. And I mean the Joss Whedon TV show, no other imposters.

So here's my Buffy. I just realized I never drew her before. Rudimentary color; didn't have time to do it properly.


  1. This is really fun, I want to see you do a "young Buffy" comic.

  2. Cheers, mate. I remember seeing drawings for a pilot Saturday morning cartoon-style Buffy all set in the timeframe of the first season. I kind of had that in mind drawing this. Young Buffy - that would be so great...

  3. That's a pretty cool creature. And yes, looks like a young(er) Buffy!

  4. Ah , comics that should have been!

    Nice reminder there Nick.