Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sherlock Holmes

I’m pretty much a Holmes purist.
I love the original stories (most of them, The Creeping Man was the…er…clunker for me).
I don’t care for anyone else’s “versions” of Sherlock. TV shows, Holmes in WWII England, cartoons or whatever alternate reality that Robert Downey Jr.’s version came from. They hold no interest for me. The faithful Granada television adaptions are the only exception to this rule. That was a great series that I highly recommend.

I call my sketch, “Clue.”


  1. This is the most brilliant post.

  2. Very droll. Tim getting all high concept.

  3. Brilliant!

    No love for the old radio serials, eh?

  4. Thanks.

    Didn't know about the radio serial.
    Did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle write them?
    If no,

  5. Doyle wrote a five-act Sherlock play, along side his friend William Gillette, that became an authorized play and later an authorized radio serial performed by Orson Welles during the Mercury Theatre Days. Gillette's major contribution was that he authored the phrase: "Oh, this is elementary, my dear fellow."

  6. I didn't know about that Dave, I will check it out.
    Thanks Natsch, this was a tough one.

  7. I love that the word versions is in quotes. Can you do it with a German accent?