Thursday, 21 October 2010

Barda Reads Comics

Meant to post this last night, but there was some problem with image uploading on Blogger. Anyway, here she is...


  1. Sex fantasies now is it Nick?

    I was kind of expecting about 20 Bardas to be honest. Such is the level of Barda love in these here parts. We got a couple of sweet ones though.

    One day we will have 'Barda Day' ...mark my words!

  2. I second an all Barda day. Maybe Purvis will get his in in time for that one.

    Nice work, Nick, btw.

  3. Si, I am not to blame for the projections you level at my drawings. That said, I'm certainly not averse to drawing more Barda. Maybe we should also have a Kirby 2001 A Space Odyssey day too. I love 70s Kirby.