Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Jack Kirby's New Gods bonus post

There's not much that all of us Drawbridge cartoonists at Hypothetical Island and Deep 6 share in common... we're all carbon-based forms of life (hopefully), we are all or more or less bipedal, and we all love Jack Kirby.

A couple moons ago Michel Fiffe and I were hanging around the studios one weekend talking about inkers whom we've loved (and not loved) when it occurred to ourselves that, being modern hardcore do-it-all-yourself cartoonists, we have seldom, if ever, had our work inked by others. A pact was made, we each penciled a pin-up, exchanged it with one another, and inked that mutha. Her's my pencils:

I chose as my subject that most Kirbian of Jack Kirby characters, Big Barda, along with her husband super-escape artist Mr. Miracle. I was actually introduced initially to this duo in the pages of Giffen and DeMatteis's JLI, a book I LOVE SO MUCH THAT IT HURTS! I mention this because you'll notice I gave Mr. M a nose, which as near as I can tell was a JLI innovation. Now it was Fiffe's turn:

In addition to proving himself the undisputed modern master of Kirby crackle, Fiffe also shamed me with an awesome Boom Tube effect, and rectified my Kirby-inaccurate Mr. Miracle nose. The most important piece of the drawing, Big Barda's hips, he left unaltered.

Not one to rest on his laurels, he has since gone on to add color ON THE ORIGINAL PAPER because he is a man without fear. So far, this is all I've seen of it:

But I'm sure you will agree it's awesome sauce. Keep checking Michel's blog to see when he posts the finished color as well as all the other cool stuff he has cooking there.

Check back here later today as I'll probably have something New Gods and warm-uppy posted.