Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Jack Kirby's New Gods-- Parademons! UPDATED! IN COLOUR!

Surprisingly hard to find some good Kirby reference of Darkseid's footsoldiers, the Parademons, so I kind of cobbled mine together from some toys, the Superman animated series, and my own jumbled memories. Coulda used more Kirby crackle but, Hell, I ain't got all day.


Check the comments section on this post-- Simon Fraser  suggested that this piece would look better in 'colour' (he's Scottish) and I invited him, or anyone really to color it in, because as noted above, I ain't got all day. So Simon colored, it took him 20 minutes, and I'm eating crow. It does look much better, and he even added more substantial Kirby Crackle. In my defense, I wouldn't have colored it so nicely :)


  1. Is cool.
    How long did it take to do these?

  2. Would be even more awesom colour!

  3. It took me 4 hours, after Tim showed me what to do.

    I invite someone to color it.

  4. ... and someone did. NOW DO YOU SEE THE POWER I WIELD, PUNY HUMANS?!?!