Thursday, 7 October 2010

Twitter me This: #icantbreathe UPDATED

Someone (I don't recall who) had the idea today for Drawbridge that we grab a top-trending topic from Twitter and do our daily warm up based on that. Well, nobody's done one yet, so I figured it was up to me to get this ball rolling. Perusing the day's tweets, I found #icantbreathe .

I call it "Hello Nurse". It's becoming a bit of a motif for me to draw warm-ups of pretty women smilingly dispatching their victims, as you can see right here. I guess I have a problem.


It seems that none of my hobo drawbridge compatriots have joined me yet, but I did get this sketch from fellow Twitteree Praetor1983 who was inspired to do his own take on #icantbreathe


  1. I left a comment! where is it.
    Too busy to join in for a week as you know.

    How you guys survive with out me.

    As for that "Problem." George...George...

  2. As if getting hitched is an acceptable excuse to miss a Drawbridge topic...

  3. Good wedding you are excused

  4. Tim - CONGRATS!!!!

    Praetor1983 - I just watched Danny Boyle's "Sunshine" this weekend and this drawing reminds me of people in space getting messed up.

    George - I'm really disturbed by your picture. I mean, are her stockings staying up???

  5. Natalie- Garters just barely concealed by the hem of her dress. Also, by sheer sexy evilness.