Thursday, 24 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor's Eyes...

...were violet.

I know, scientifically speaking, this was because she had blue eyes and a surplus of vascular tissue running through them, making them violet, but still-- Violet eyes. Pretty cool.

I was sorry to hear of her passing, even though, given my age bracket, I first knew her as that older lady who got married a lot that Michael Jackson would hang around with. As I grew out of my callow youth, I learned the true depths of her star power. Rest in peace, Ms Taylor.

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  1. Chicken!

    In retrospect I should have gone for her 60s slightly heavier eyemakeup,face,hair period. There was more to get a grip on. But she was soooo pretty.

    Violet eyes are cool. I wonder how common that is.

  2. That's how you get the message across. Love the violet.

  3. Nice job man, simple and distinctive

    Some people might say since you only drew the eyes, easily the simplest feature on the face, that you are in fact, a total pussy

    not me tho!!!

  4. Ha! Well said, Nathan. I really had the same problem as everyone else, if it weren't for the violet eyes, there would be no way to tell this was her.

  5. Okay, boys. With all of these names flinging around, has anyone else a drawing to compare George's to? Anyone? Huh...? I didn't think so!
    So back off a little, okay?

  6. Anyone? ANYONE??? yeah that's right no one!

    draw a picture of Liz Taylor YOURSELF gentlemen, before you're so fast and loose with your critiques!

  7. Actually, Tim, you and Nathan drew, respectively, Winona Ryder and Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead. And whilst the jackal-headed devourer of the still-beating hearts of the recent dead had many admirable qualities, having violet eyes was not one of them. And by jackal-headed devourer of the still-beating hearts of the recent dead, I mean Winona Ryder.

    Zing! Didn't see that clever twist comin', did you, suckaz?