Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sleeping Beauty: Male-Lucy-ficent

Seeing as today's topic is "free for all Saturday I decided to draw the big bad from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent.

In my opinion Sleeping Beauty is considered a flawed film: Its medieval-tapestry-inspired design is too stiff. it's too dark.

I have my own criticism against it--gotta hate.

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  1. Tim needs a hobby! wait, Tim HAS a hobby

  2. I just like how it sounds. Male-lucy-ficent.

    Say it out load!

    I should have left some of her hair though.
    She looks like she could be ANY peanuts character with out the hair to define her or him.

  3. JEAN!! will you take him for a walk in the park please, he's been stuck in the house too long!

  4. I'm stuck home doing Story Boards.
    This is my only diversion...

  5. I liked it better sans hair. I knew it was Lucy without-- she's the only Peanut given to scowling.

    Speaking of Peanuts, check yer tags-- you mistyped it.

  6. We'll have to see what Natalie thinks about the hair.