Thursday, 31 March 2011

Howler Monkey Reading Nikolai Dante: Too Cool To Kill

What's that you say Bubbles? That this is the very finest piece of graphic literature that you have ever seen? Wow, that's saying something, because you've read them ALL Bubbles haven't you! Oh really? It's 208 pages and available from Simon & Schuster this July? What did you say the ISBN number was ? 9781907519895  and it's available from Amazon for a measly $16.31 , why that seems like an absolute STEAL!  And what else? Oh the creators are particularly handsome and charismatic people, especially the artist? What's his name again? John M. Bur....!!!!!

   .....very funny! 
That's the last time I'm helping you with your Tax return buster!

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  1. Copied my color scheme almost exactly!

    And funny.

    And a good advert.

  2. No point in swimming against the tide Tim. It's much easier just to rip you off. I'll be RICH!

  3. I think the monkey's very sweet.