Monday, 6 June 2011

Aw mom, you're just jealous, It's the Beastie Boys!

Pretty sure today's topic came about due to my propensity around the studio to drop Beastie Boys lyrical references-- references that invariably are wasted, as apparently I'm the only Beastie Boys fan on site.

I still remember Paul's Boutique coming out and being amazed at what I heard ("they're sampling Sgt Pepper's!"). I mean, this from the "Fight for your Right to Party " guys? Too many years later, I'm still a huge fan, and they're like the elder statesmen of hip hop. Since, as mentioned, I'm apparently the only actual fan 'round the studios, I figured I'd draw the actual gentlemen themselves. A quickie 5 minute warm-up pencil sketch, but I like to think I captured a little something of their style.