Monday, 27 June 2011

Gene Colan

Today we pay tribute the Gene Colan who passed away last week.
I remember finding his "Tomb of Dracula" at a rummage sale and
only buying the issues because the kid selling them insisted as I
had no interest.
Well, they were great...and creepy...and they had fantastic art.
Later I loved the strange but uneven "Night Force" which
unfortunately was not loved by enough people to stay around
for long.

Anyway, Thanks for the memories!

I tried to draw like Gene here...not easy...


  1. You totally nailed Colan's style while doing your stuff, so hooray on that. Nightforce may be uneven, but didja check out DC's recent (and odd) reprinting of the frost issue?

    Thanks to you, Tim, I may have to look further into those Dracula comics. In the meantime I wonder... Why is there a "happy birthday" tag on this post?

  2. It said Happy Birthday due to the "Auto-typing" thing the tags do. I didn't even notice.

    I didn't see the Frost reprint...