Thursday, 9 June 2011

Savage Dragon

As you all know by now, Savage Dragon #171 came out yesterday, with a big jam story written by Joe Keatinge, illustrated by Erik Larsen, Simon Fraser, Mike Cavallaro, Joe Infurnari, Dean Haspiel, George O'Connor and myself, and edited by Mr Michel Fiffe.

I'm just getting over the flu or the black plague so I'm one day late with
a them for the FIRST TIME EVER.

So here is a marker sketch. I will now return to watching 30 Rock on Netflix while
holding ice on my head.


  1. Very nice, NOW WHERE'S THE HEAT?!?!?

    Are you up to the one yet when Jack Donaghy sodomizes Dick Cheney? High point of the series. IMHO.

  2. That's the best marker you've ever had.