Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I wasn't really very conscious of Eric Larsen's Savage Dragon until recently. It was one of those Image explosion books that I studiously ignored back in the 90s. Now it's 20 years later and the last man standing seems to be Larsen. That in itself is a remarkable feat of professionalism and dedication. The fact that the comic is still being written and drawn with the same passion and energy that created it, is really something quite wonderful. Eric Larsen has spent the last 20 odd years doing exactly what he wanted to do. You have to love that.
Like most superheroes there's a female version of Savage Dragon. The She-Dragon's powers seem to mostly come from her 'Hulk-Hands' which spit Kirby dots out with great abandon.
Like fellow DrawBridgers Tim Hamilton, Michel Fiffe , George O'Connor , Mike Cavallaro and Joe Infurnari I drew a page of this months Savage Dragon Funnies #171 ( Dean Haspiel was also involved ). It was a cool project. It's fun to play with other peoples toys.

Drawn with a pencil and then inked with a ballpoint, because sometimes you have to fight with your tools.


  1. Ballpoint suits you well-- I really like the background especially.

  2. NICE! You'd make a great She-Dragon artist (she had a mini at one point?). BALLPOINT!