Monday, 27 June 2011

Goodbye Gene Colan

I spent some time inking over whatever pencils I could find on the Internet some years back ( I should post that stuff someday ). I think I can do a creditable job on just about anyones pencils , the only one I had trouble with was Gene Colan. The guy could draw like nobody else, I was frankly out of my league. It's a humbling and inspiring thing to look at Colan's work. May he rest in peace.


  1. WE did Dracula didn't we?
    Oh well...well oh...done well.

  2. Cool Dracula, but I was half expecting an Iron Man with some plates by his hips. After all, Simon, you are the best Iron Man artist Marvel has never seen. Totally their loss, as you run circles around their current crop of tech doodlers.

    Now where the hell is George today, anyway?

  3. Yeah, George requested this.
    Worst sin on DB is to request and not deliver!

    He may be sick.

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  5. I always thought Colan was a weird choice for
    Iron Man, that supple, fluid chiaroscuro was an
    odd fit with the presumed rigidity of the
    subject. His Tomb of Dracula is absolutely
    stunning however!
    One day soon we need to do Iron Man.
    oh and George probably came down with a
    case of Loseritis. Compassion not
    condemnation is the best way to go.