Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Cloaca: Good to the last drop

Considering that the topic was "cloaca", today's sketches have been in surprisingly good taste.

Well, no more.

First, an explanation. Drawbridge Studios is actually comprised of two separate, but touching entities, Hypothetical Island Studios and Deep Six Studios. We are two rooms, under the same roof, and sharing a wall, but still, not part of the same physical space. Yesterday it was more or less decided that, in an attempt to bring the two studios closer together, we would eliminate certain redundancies (like having two separate scanning stations) and share certain amenities. As we are the less filthy and disgusting of the two studios, it was decided that Hypothetical Island would host the sole shared kitchen space. Being comprised entirely of the morbidly obese or otherwise desperately infirm, the members of Deep 6 requested that we add a small portal through our shared wall, through which they, rather than heft their ungainly, pasty bulk up on their rickety, sore-covered legs and waddle the twelve feet through the hallway to our door, could request their coffee to be refilled, with extra sugar, naturally, while simultaneously maintaining a small sliver of communal space between our two rooms.

Surprisingly, this idea was well received by members of both studios, and various names were suggested for this umbilicus between our two workplaces. Being cartoonists, the suggestions quickly went the scatological route, with the sphincter, the anus, the glory hole, the ol'poop-chute and various other charming names being suggested before we finally arrived at "the cloaca", and hence today's topic.

I decided to illustrate the inevitable conclusion that we will arrive at, given the personalities involved and the logistics inherent in a coffee hole.

You want one lump or two?


  1. We just lost a few followers I think...

  2. Your autograph looks like a drooping phallus.

  3. Also, Joe is too uptight to poop in public....or or even in private

  4. Lord, don't I wish that were true. Why else do you think he has that private little waste basket?

  5. It's all his own work, Someday it will be worth MILLIONS!

  6. It is, alas. Yours is the most perfectly located. BTW, did you like my attempt at capturing your deranged self-portrait?