Monday, 31 January 2011

Tintin Au 2000AD

In 1977 the 70 year old George Remi ( Hergé ), entranced by the new dark, vicious and  satirical upstart 2000AD that had just started up in London, submitted some story ideas and art samples to then Editor Pat Mills. Mills reportedly rejected them as 'Not edgy enough.' and said to the venerated titan of world comics " Go look at Carlos Ezquerra's work, maybe you can learn something ". Remi's reaction was not recorded, but he died 6 years later, a broken man.


  1. A story to lift the spirits of everyone!

    Funny image though. Then I remember the story you
    told and sadness returns.

    I was going to add K-9 to mine but thought
    it would add another half hour to getting the image done. Maybe later...

  2. I have a silly question-- is this a true story?

  3. He worked in comics so of course he died a broken man, so I assume you're asking if he really pitched to 2000AD?

    I wondered that too.

    Hey! It's George!

  4. This is a totally fabricated lie I made up. It's a little know fact that the English Channel is a huge impermiable barrier to all forms of comics. It renders british comics utterly invisible to the French & Belgians. Mr Remi was almost certainly utterly ignorant of 2000ADs existence. Not that 2000AD would want his pooey, stinky comics ANYWAY!!!