Monday, 1 November 2010

J.M.DeMatteis Day - My Favorite Martian

Arrrgh! I was just moments too late to be the first drawing of the Martian Manhunter today!

I loved Justice League under DeMatteis, Giffen & McGuire and my favourite character was the Martian Manhunter. Maybe it was because he was the one trying to hold it all together and the one who needed it the most. He has all these random powers that effectively let him vanish, but he doesn't do that, he wants to be seen for what he is...more or less. Maybe it's because he's an Alien and I've been an alien for most of my life. These guys made the Manhunter a rounded and profound character, DeMatteis most of all.

I also LOVED Kraven's Last Hunt. It takes some writing chops to make a character as kooky as Kraven into such an impressive and tragic threat.

Oh and DeMatteis' Captain America was great, then Savior 28, Abadazad and a great deal more. Thanks for all the great stories Marc.


  1. Love it! The Thinker (with cookie).

  2. Wow, amazing. I'm loving all the Manhunter love. But I thought you were doing Kraven?

  3. The thinker, yes.
    Kraven, NO?

    Good anyway you slice it...

  4. Wasn't feelin' Kraven this AM.
    Always with the Jonzz though.

  5. I can't believe no-one has seized upon the opportunity to draw the nekkid chick from Blood! Shame on you all!

  6. Jim: Wasn't everyone in Blood nekkid? By all means send me just such a drawing and I'll post it here :D

  7. WONDERFUL, Simon: profound and goofy at the same time, as befits the JLI version of the Manhunter. Thanks! JMD