Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Yuri Gagarin

I am a bit... ambivalent?... when it comes to manned spaceflight, to an extent that loses one points amongst the nerdocracy. But they were indeed the most courageous of Spam. And damn if that isn't an awesome statue. I wish their spacesuits really looked like that.


  1. "the most courageous of spam" -- I'll have to hear the extent of your ambivalence one of these days.

    Nice looking piece. You shore draw purty communist era propoganda.

  2. Thanks, George.

    Nothing I can say holds up to "Men! In Space!!!" so it's probably best to just leave it lie.

  3. Spam?


  4. I used to draw that kind of Soviet propaganda art when at high school. That didn't go down well at all.
    Good drawing.

  5. I drew quite a bit of it too. It's so damned heroic, no wonder it appeals to a bunch of comics geeks like us.