Monday, 4 October 2010

Monkey: Damn Dirty Ape or Why I Hate Chimps

Deep 6's very own west coast expatriate Leland Purvis chose today's theme, "monkey".

I have a complicated relationship with monkeys, or more specifically, apes. I like bonobos, I'm all about gorillas, and who doesn't love a good orangutan? But chimpanzees? Ick.

Any other large wild animal that you have the misfortune of having a run-in with, you can reasonably expect it to simply kill you. Tiger, bear, alligator-- they have the decency to kill and eat you. A chimp, on the other hand... if it's not eating your face and hands, it's pulling off your genitals and then leaving you alive. They suck.

btw, this is my second "chimp with a skull " piece I've drawn for Drawbridge. Here's the other.


  1. Your contempt for Pan troglodytes is apparent in every line.

  2. You write real purdy like...
    Draw good too.

  3. Don't worry George. . . I'm sure one day that chimp will be back to finish the job.

  4. But if you dress chimpanzees up like little children, while they eat your face and hands, they sure are cute!