Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Life Aquatic: Jelly fish

I find jelly fishes so mesmerizing and terrifying at the same time. Whenever I go to the aquarium, I spend the most time in front of jelly fishes, hypnotized by their fluid motion.
They are also my favorite side dish, it tastes great all chopped up with sugar and vinegar.



  1. I like how you suckered us in with the beautiful descriptions of their delicate beauty, then dashed it to bits with your cruel jaws.

    NICE touch with the Mermaid-- I'm glad Tim pointed it out.

  2. Let's go to a korean restaurant soon and we can all try this delicacy! :)

  3. Mermaid chopped with sugar and vinegar! I'm IN!

  4. Yawn...I eat this stuff at home all the time..

    But I'll still got to 32nd street and pig out!

  5. I don't eat jellyfish...but I LOVE this jellyfish!