Thursday, 30 September 2010

CROM! Count the moustaches.

Everyone expected me to draw the Beastmaster, but you know what? I just don't feel like drawing ferrets tonight. More of a cool-down sketch than a warm-up, since it's almost midnight!

So the western Roman Empire, back in the early AD's, did it's best not to succumb to the Barbarian hoards that encroached on it's borders. Not to spoil it, but they didn't do a great job of it! There were a lot of political and social changes that led Europe into medieval life. I think a big catalyst in this transition was the fact that Romans didn't have a word for 'mustache' in the Latin language.

Totally true! And here's a Visigoth from my sketchbook. Let's call him "Alaric." :D Enjoy!

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